What are you good at? What do you really enjoy doing?

These are your ‘superpowers’ and are key to living an enjoyable, and healthy life.

It is important to be vigilant and make sure that your individual needs are being met. Work might be enjoyable but if you have nothing in common with the people you work with, the days will drag. If you are a parent holding down a job and also caring for children, you might have exactly what you thought you wanted on one level, yet feel bored and exhausted.

Whatever the stresses are, constant pressure can drain us mentally and physically leading to burn out.

Make some changes now to stop that happening. Use your superpowers more!

What do I change?

Knowing what to change can leave us stumped. To get started, a list of what we no longer want may be much easier.

Your “superpowers” are another approach to help with this. They can provide some clarity, something more fixed about us, a check list of what we love in life so we can see what is missing and work out how to fix it.

Are you creative? good with numbers? good with words? practical? artistic? a loner? thrive on being with people/children/animals…? love driving? love travel? love music? love peace and quiet? organised? methodical? innovative? an ideas person? good mediator? …

If you really can’t see what you are good at then ask friends and family. They might suprise you with what they say!

Even one small change daily to put more of what you love in your life can be enough to relieve some of the pressure, put us in a better frame of mind and, over time, change our lives (take a look at my free download “Change your life in five minute chunks” for ideas too).

My superpowers

My current ‘superpowers’ are that I (am/can be) organised; analytical; research; strategical; computer literate; creative; full of ideas; knowledgeable and experienced holistic practitioner.

I enjoy being with like minded people; animals; using my intuition; nature; peace and quiet.

These led me to develop a unique spread of holistic services tailored to fit with people and animals I enjoy working with, and my strengths.

It has evolved massively. The bio-resonance was added in 2011 because it fitted my practice well and gave my computer aptitude something to do! The camaraderie of like minded professionals is something I value so I host seminars and join online communities to tick that box. I work remotely a lot because I love being at home in the countryside with my animals.

What are your “superpowers”?  Can you improve your life by making more use of these superpowers each day? Will you put some time in your diary to have a play with this? You might be surprised what comes up!


If you would like to speak with me about my therapy work you can book a free 15 minute coffee break chat in my diary.

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