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Victor Sims, creator of the e-Lybra9 [the bio-energetics systems I use], is interviewed by Renata Maniaci who runs a podcast from the United States called Let’s Get Metaphysical. She interviewed Victor in March 2020 a few days before the great Covid-19 lockdown began.

“This podcast will change your life! It changed mine. In one of my best podcasts of 2020. In this episode with ascension support tools creator, Victor Sims. Victor and I met at an incredible conference called Holistic Visions Symposium in Barcelona and he is an inventor of consciousness assisted technology and has over 50 energy balancing products used worldwide by healing practitioners. We discuss Victors journey and tools and techniques that we can use to help us heal ourselves.”

Renata Maniaci

Renata’s introduction on the video:

This is season 5 “the great awakening”. In this season we are focusing on the massive shift in consciousness currently happening on planet earth. So far this season I have created episodes based on information I think is important to share. I have also had guests on the show to offer their views and their tools during these transformative times.

Today I’m excited to have Victor Sims on the show to talk about consciousness assisted technology and ascension support tools. Victor Sims is the inventor of more than 50 energy balancing products including the e-Lybra energy balancing system, an energy medicine device used by hundreds of practitioners around the world.

Alongside an initial solid grounding in the more conventional fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics software development and sound engineering, Victor found that his interest in spiritual development and consciousness were ever growing too. He has researched and studied many healing modalities and has engaged in self-development disciplines to attune himself to higher meditative practice and ability. Although the e-Lybra system was not with first practical energy medicine device to the market Victor was able, in the 1990s, to bring a fresh perspective to the concept of creating an interaction between technology and consciousness in order to create a machine that could identify energetic blockages and deficiencies within a living body and instruct the body on what it needed to do to kick start the body’s own healing system and return it to balance.

Victor continues to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible. He is a frequent speaker at paradigm defining conferences and loves to engage with like minded individuals in the on going pursuit of higher knowledge and spiritual progression.

Victor and I had this conversation several months ago just before the Covid-19 pandemic began in earnest and I think the tools and tech that Victor has created are perfect to highlight at this time in the world. His inventions are known for helping humans to heal themselves on all levels and to elevate in consciousness and now feels like the perfect time to share this conversation on ascension support tools so let’s jump right into the interview…

During the interview they speak about a variety of topics including:

  • The first question was about a metaphysical/spiritual experience Victor had
  • 12 mins – What is consciousness technology, how the right environment/vibration can allow the person do do his or her own healing
  • 16 minutes – insights Victor has had into what is going on for us
  • 19 minutes – How we bridge energetically to other beings, places or times
  • 20 minutes bridging to the 4th Density (a higher vibrational level) using a pendant he has created to support people at this time
  • 24 minutes Victor’s background and how he got into energy medicine
  • 32 minutes – how we bridge to negative things in our lives
  • 34 minutes – who is this vibrational/informational medicine is for. How each of us experiences life differently.
  • 37 minutes – what the stress-balance pendant is and what it does (and how to cut the cords that bind you)
  • 41 minutes – what is next in the consciousness technology realm
  • 43 minutes – a different perspective on life
  • and many other things!

The products that Victor discusses with Renata can be found at and also can be purchased via myself.

Renata’s podcasts can be found at

Thank you to Renata for featuring Victor in her excellent series of interviews, you can also find her Patreon account for further conscious content at

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