Here are a few things to read and get more informed about vaccinations.

To find out what the vaccination inserts say – here is an Institute for Vaccine Saftey web page with information about that. The web site also has other information about vaccinations on it.

This article has been thoughtfully put together to try and explain why the author,, believes vaccines don’t work

Another compilation of research is found here – 200 evidence based reasons not to vaccinate


What If?: I Harmed My Children by Kelly CS Johnson (Author) – A mother’s perspective
Kelly writes in this book first published Feb 2016 (link to Amazon provided above):
“When my children were born I wanted the same as any mother for them, to be happy and healthy; but what if, with the best intentions, I harmed them? Well, I know that I did exactly that. One of my children has Asperger’s and one has type 1 diabetes and I believe that I harmed them by giving them vaccines. This book is our story, the roller coaster ride of seeing my child slipping away from me after a vaccine, of not being heard when I questioned vaccines, of the research that I have done over the last 15 years, of homeopathy and CEASE – which gave me back my child, and much more. It is, I believe an inspiring story that I hope will show people the other side, what it is like to live with these challenges and how making informed choices when it comes to healthcare is so very important. I believe everyone has the right to choose what they put in or on there body but I believe that not everyone has the information to make that informed choice, I hope that this book will be a starting point for many.

I wish that I had had this information and heard someone’s story when my children were born, and I am telling our story in the hopes that I can save someone else from the heartache that we have gone through and give those in similar situations to us hope.

Thank you for reading this and if you think any of your patients or friends would benefit from our story I would appreciate you telling them.”

Infants receiving the most vaccines are the most likely to be hospitalized and die -Learn more:

The Public Is Kept in the Dark About Many Medical Issues – an article on the Vactruth website

Vaccination is not Immunisation– book from the Desk of Tim O’Shea DC Author and Instructor, Childhood Immunology. Originator of thedoctorwithin  ( I have not read this book so cannot vouch for its contents.)

Dr Suzanne Humphries on Vaccine safety : “They Don’t Want You to Hear the Other Side”

Kim Stagliano’s article on vaccination

Independant Newspaper article about school cancer vaccination damage

See also my blog on pet vaccinations

The use of homeopathic nosodes

The Brazilian Experience In 1998 there was an outbreak of meningococcal meningitis in a region of Brazil.

Detoxification of substances, including vaccinations, using homeopathy

CEASE Therapy – main worldwide CEASE Therapy website.   Information on my website about CEASE Therapy

Alternative approach

Someone came up with a form for the medical professional to sign too …. link to the form.

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