I found this report from Germany a big eye opener. I had do idea that the CFLs contain mercury and other toxins and if one breaks you should open all the windows and leave the room immediately, for at least 15 minutes.

It saddens me to see yet another implication that business interests have swayed EU decisions – in this case to implement CFLs and stop us using the old incandescent bulbs under the guise of energy efficiency but at what cost?

Mercury thermometers are banned because of toxicity.  Yet these bulbs contain mercury and a number of other toxins and apparently shouldn’t be thrown away in the normal rubbish yet how many are?

The good news is that LEDs are put forward as a solution. At 30-40 Euros per bulb, even though they last a long time, it is not going to be possible for everyone.

I enquired of my local council where to dispose of my CFL bulb which died earlier this week, enclosing the link to the video.  The reply :”I can confirm that the lightbulb will need to be wrapped in newspaper and put in the grey refuse bin for your next collection.


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