There is so much in the press about sugar at the moment… see how homeopathy may be able to help…



Get that sweet tooth under control!
Find out what homeopaths have known about sugar for years.

Where does it come from? and a brief history

Saccharum Officionale is a form of sugar that is processed from sugarcane (a species of very tall grass). The stems are full of sweet sap underneath the tough bark and the plant stores energy this way (whereas animals make fat).Initially sugar was only produced in small quantities, it was considered a great luxury and was processed by boiling the cane juice then harvesting the crystals left behind after the water evaporated. These crystals contained protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They were calorie-dense and also provided essential nutrients.

Now sugars are refined and that process strips out many of these nutrients and has allowed it to become a profitable industry with global production of  many millions of tons a year.

Interestingly, some medicinal uses were found for sugar in the early days. In the battlefield, sugar was used because it would lead to intense osmotic changes, which rinsed out the wound with serum. Ulcers were also sometimes sprinkled with powdered white sugar to remove fungus.

Health, Mood and Behaviour

Mostly now it is known as a sweetener that is present in a staggering amount of the food and drink that we consume. If consumed in larger quantities, or if you are particularly sensitive to it, it may cause many harmful effects in the body and also have an impact on mood and behaviour.

The homeopathic remedy

Tinus Smits, a Dutch medical doctor and homeopath, found that sugar was one of a small number of key remedies that frequently cropped up as beneficial for many modern day issues. He called these his “Inspiring Remedies” because they made such a difference in his homeopathic practice.

A key homeopathic principle is that “like cures like” i.e. taking the homeopathic version of something can be used to treat the problems that substance in its material form is known to cause. Sugar is no different so if you crave sweet things and chocolate, taking this remedy may take the edge off that craving.

Saccharum Officionale

“for people who crave sugar.. and affection”

One of the emotional issues that sugar may bring up is lack of self love and/or fear of being abandoned, by the mother in particular. This may manifest as a desperate search for love, affection and attention, more noticeable in children than adults, of course.

Physically the person may be very pale. Perhaps have dry skin. Perhaps be obese with compulsive eating especially of sweets, cakes and pastries, potato crisps, etc.; Sometimes a child needing this remedy can be very aggressive (it is often useful for children diagnosed in the Autistic spectrum), perhaps emaciated.

Mood swings,nail biting and homesickness are amongst the list of other possible side effects noted by homeopaths. From this you will see that it is a “big” homeopathic remedy and there are a vast number of different further indications for it to be prescribed that I won’t bore you with here.

Suffice it to say that if you feel sugar might be causing problems for you but are finding it a struggle to cut down then it might be worth speaking to a homeopath about it.

If you are curious to know more about this remedy – click the link below:

Saccharum Officionale – Tinus Smit’s “Inspiring Homeopathy” website has a very comprehensive materia medica on-line for use by homeopaths.
Note that a Materia Medica is a compilation of information for use by homeopaths – no one person will have every symptom (you will be pleased to hear). It is an indication to be used with other good homeopathic practices to find an appropriate remedy at any one point in time.


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