What people say – Testimonials

Here are some of the testimonials I have received about my services

A video testimonial from Jo Bendle, a digital nomad (eLybra®9 Bio-Resonance remote work)

GG, Rugby (Clinic and remote eLybra®9 Bio-Resonance plus some Andean Shamanic Energy Medicine)

“Since visiting  Carol only a few times she has helped sell my house, reduce my blood pressure and I feel calmer about life, Happier, more tolerant and able to put things into perspective.  Our sessions are fun, professional and I am able to tell her anything.  I definitely like the holistic approach it does take time to understand but we are trained to visit our GP and get a pill for that one symptom whereas, Carol digs a little deeper into the whole person and understands more how best to tackle the problem. After a shaky start  the ePendant is working very successfully and I recommend anyone to try it, it is fascinating. May our journey together continue to be enjoyable and productive.”

YB, Sunderland (eLybra®9 Bio-Resonance remote work)

“After an initial chat with Carol, it was decided that a remote session with the E-Lybra 9 would be the best way to go, in dealing with the many and varied array of problems my 19 year old son was having.

He has a history of childhood leukaemia and was suffering from symptoms similar to PTSD. I discussed with him what the E-Lybra 9 could do and how this might help him and he was happy to give it a try.

That was only a month ago and the difference is remarkable!!!

He has worn the pendant every day since it arrived, and at first the changes were subtle, yet noticeable to us. After another chat with Carol she made some adjustments, and this is when it became really evident to people who have known him for years, that something had changed on a very deep level.

My kind, caring but worried son, has gone from carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, to wandering around the house whistling to himself, he has a spring in his step, a new ‘joie du vie’ and a hugely increased appetite.

I cannot recommend Carol highly enough, to find someone with her depth of knowledge, experience and expertise, combined with her truly kind and caring attitude is rare indeed. I am so very glad to have met Carol, and happy to recommend her to anyone who might benefit from her wonderful treatments.”

GP – Hertfordshire (Remote Andean Shamanic Energy Medicine)

“From the moment I connected with Carol to her working with me to where I am now is incredible.
With her intuition, wisdom and support I feel I am not only tidying up in my life and letting go of old patterns but also standing more and more in my own power – loose the collection of “hats” and doing more of what I love without taking time out.”

RB, London (Andean Shamanic Energy Medicine)
“Things are definitely moving and shifting without a doubt.
I have been going longer and longer with no symptomology at all I’m experiencing confidence in my body and everything is beginning to flow better.”

A M – Warwickshire (stress balance pendant)
“Thank you Carol for the recent Stress Pendant I bought from you. I chose this pendant with my 10 year old daughter in mind initially to help with her upcoming 11+ exam. She was worrying about the exam and the pressure that she was putting on herself. You explained that the pendant was small enough to be put in a pocket, or hung round your neck, so not noticeable and will be beneficial for this anxiousness.
You delivered the pendant so promptly and immediately my daughter was thrilled to put it on and wear it.
The next day it was put straight in her pocket and truly she said “Mummy I do feel a little calmer do you think it’s to do with the Stress pendant i am wearing” Of course, I said!
It is so light and easy with no-one noticing you have it on. She said she squeezed it in her hand when she started to feel a little nervous and along with deep breaths her feeling subsided. She found the experience quite encouraging.
We have now had the pendant for 10 days and it is an accessory she has with her every day and also helps her staying calmer during her school day when sometimes she may get a little anxious and frustrated (with herself more than anything!)
I have borrowed it on only a couple of occasions to see how it felt and I found the experience calming too.
So if anyone is thinking whether there is a benefit i would highly recommend they get one and try it out.
We have a family holiday looming and my daughter gets quite worried about the feeling of flying and how it makes her feel quite worried. So we are excited to be bringing the pendant with us to see how this helps her with these feelings. I will keep you posted!
By the way my daughter is a lovely grounded girl who is growing up and trying to
understand a whole host of emotions but with having the pendant somehow she feels less stressed at school and can cope with problems easier.
Thank you Carol once again for this recommendation.”

DH, Cambridge (remote Andean Shamanic Energy Medicine)

“Truly life changing”

Although I had read a little bit about Shamanism, I didn’t really know what to expect.  I was immediately put at ease by Carol’s warmth and professionalism.
She guided me through the initial consultation and explained the process to me both before and after. This was later followed up by an in-depth report with everything needed to keep up the work and move forward.

When I contacted Carol my life felt really stuck. Years of self-defeating and self-destructive behaviours had left me with little hope for the future. But at the same time there was a realisation that things needed to change, and although I had tried to make changes in the past, I never seemed to be able to sustain them.

Whilst the actual session (conducted remotely) felt gentle, the results have been HUGE AND TRULY LIFE CHANGING!

As well as putting an end to addictive behaviours, I have a renewed energy and interest in life and those around me, a sense of calmness and an ability to let the stresses and strains not overwhelm me half as much. I have reconnected with parts of myself that I had lost and have begun to have an understanding of the family paths that tied me.

It’s time to have some fun again!!”

MS – Cambridge – (remote Shamanic Energy Medicine)

“Since the session with Carol there has been a big change in my outlook, attitude, whole demeanour really. Generally, I seem to be able to focus better and let petty annoyances go that would previously have built up into the inevitable “crescendo”. I haven’t dwelt on the past at all that I can remember, and I am excited about the future. I have had a few moments where I have let things get the better of me but, even\ then, I seem to be able to shrug it off much more easily.

To be honest Carol, the thing that amazes and excites me the most is that this is a “Raw” change if you like and by that I mean that I really have done very little, if anything, to help matters. I’ve been so busy with work recently that before I knew it a few weeks have gone by without much of a thought to doing any of the “homework” from the session. I am disappointed in myself for that but when I sit and think of how different things are, without trying, I do wonder what a bit of extra effort may do. I know I have a long way to go but I’m feeling good!”

SH (end of January) (Andean Shamanic Energy Medicine) (Long!)

“I emailed Carol Fieldhouse, because having discovered Alberto Villoldo, I felt drawn to having a shamanic healing session with one he had trained.  I had a soul retrieval session with a Native American teacher a few months before, and felt it was time for some further work.

Carol and I had a short chat in which I gave background and explained why I was seeking the experience and Carol explained the process. We agreed the date for the session (just at the start of the Christmas holidays, which felt perfect for me), had a telephone chat on the evening of the session to capture my intention for the work, Carol then undertook the process and rang me with feedback 1.5 hours later.

I had a sense that the process would be effective, but was amazed at how thorough it was (far, far more detailed than my previous session).  A lot of what had occurred felt incredible, but I was totally resonant with all of it.  The next morning I opened my emails to find the full report written up and it is wonderful!  I regularly refer back to it and my new life contracts are posted on my fridge (my 6 year old felt inspired on the back of them to develop his own life contracts for the fridge too!).

I had looked to this to help dissolve some of the constraints I felt in life, but am still incredulous as to how much this has been so.  My decision-making has entirely changed.  The morning after the session, I woke with utter clarity about an issue that had become troublesome.  I have historically taken a long time to get to decisions and now I feel I can find them quickly. Having long been unhappy in my work, I have decided on some retraining and set a deadline for leaving my current employer (I did that within 2 weeks of the session), with the intention of setting up my own business between now and then.  I have begun working with a psychologist friend and life coach to help me establish my life purpose, values and intentions for this.  The universe has also sent me other resources to aid in this process.

I have spent my life giving out of need and very often over-giving.  That has disappeared and I know I will never again give unless I want to, with no expectation of return.

Sugar has been a lifelong addiction, particularly in coffee.  I suddenly felt able to replace my several teaspoons of sugar with a little heavenly honey, love it and have no hankering for sugary coffee. I have also made a number of other dietary changes with ease.  I have had eczema on my hands for nearly 4 years.  This flared up badly after my session and for the next few weeks and now it is better than it has ever been.

The universe has thrown me a few real hard balls since the session, but I am finding it easier to simply flow with those, quicker to know who to contact to talk and support me through them and more understanding that all that manifests in one’s life are gifts. I also feel more able to stay present, and use the many techniques I have and continue to add to my basket of tricks, to maintain my equilibrium and relish life.

I have undertaken a great deal of spiritual work over the years, but this has dramatically shifted me in a sustained way.

Carol was gentle and encouraging and I felt very secure disclosing my intuitions, knowing and views to her. I feel sure that this is only the first of several sessions I will have with her over the years and my only quandary is how quickly I dive into my next session.   ”

Kim Kalina, CCH, RSHom (NA)
“Carol Fieldhouse is such a lovely person, caring homeopath and CEASE therapist. Her upbeat and relaxed personality and attention to detail when working with clients who may have complex concerns is well appreciated. I highly recommend her services…give her a call and talk to her about your needs. I’msure you’ll find her to be as warm and professional as I do!”

MF, Oxfordshire  (eLybra®9 Bio-Resonance with mostly remote work)
“Having suffered with migraines and severe headaches since a teenager (I’m now retired and had used prescribed drugs for migraine for most of my adult life), it was with some scepticism I started my treatment with Carol. However within  a few weeks I felt a change, my head was clearer I had more energy and I was sleeping better. Despite going through a very sad time and bereavement in the family my migraines stayed away, unthinkable in the past! I am now looking  forward to a migraine free life with just the occasional headache. Wonderful. Thank you so much Carol.”

NC, Devon (Homeopathy – remote)

“I had one very bad attack of Viral Labyrinthitis and a further follow up attack, during which I crashed the car – driving in circles up a multi-storey car park made me giddy.

Then I took a course of your pills. I have never looked back and would like to think this was due to your pills.

Recently I had suspected Glaucoma with very high pressure in my one eye. Again, I started taking a course of your pills. When I saw the consultant the pressure had dropped significantly.

I shall be delighted to try any more of your potions.”

NH, UK (Remote Andean Shamanic Energy Medicine)
“I contacted Carol via the Four Winds Society website as I was drawn to Shamanic healing via my own work using energy medicine. As an energy ‘medicine’ practitioner I understand the importance of keeping my own field clear and grounding often.

In December I had been ‘triggered’ by an innocent conversation with a friend and knew some unresolved belief systems were surfacing and causing my body/mind great discomfort. I just couldn’t shift the issues on my own and so sought the help of Carol, as I said I was curious as to how Shamanism would approach the issue.

Carol and I had a chat and scheduled the session to work on the discomfort that was manifesting. Carol then worked on the issues, I understand how amazing distance sessions can be and often work in this way myself so I was completely at ease with the process.

We spoke afterwards and Carol revealed what she had ‘found’ and what she was able to help shift, I had some work to do myself which I always find empowering. I was a bit nervous that I would experience further discomfort before moving into a more peaceful place as sometimes healing can be this way, but I know that you never get more than you can handle!!

I started to feel calmer after a day or two and gradually this increased. I did practise the grounding techniques and focused on creating sacred space.

I found the session cleared a lot of the discomfort I was experiencing and it put me back on the right pathway, I guess I feel re-aligned, another layer of the onion has been peeled away. My confidence to walk my own path has been restored 😀

Carol was great at communicating what she had ‘found’ and was very supportive.
I can definitely recommend a session with her.
N xx”

CH, Singapore (Remote Shamanic Energy Medicine)

“After going through an attack of Benign Paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), I have not fully recovered and constantly felt motion sickness with blockages throughout my head and ears for almost a month.  I’ve decided to look for help but I felt the conventional doctor won’t be able to help.  I found Carol through the “Four Winds” website which I learned after reading Alberto Villoldo’s book.  I went to her website for more information and was drawn to her immediately.  After some brief exchange via Skype about my conditions, Carol carried out the Shamanic energy medicine session for me.  The result was almost immediate and Carol was very kind to keep in touch to ensure the healing took place for good.  She shared with me in detail several things impacting my head and was able to remove them for me.  I found the result most fascinating and I’m most grateful to Carol.  I hope more people can be blessed with this wonderful shamanic energy medicine.”

HW, Solihull – (has used all the services)
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Carol is intuitive, caring and comes with a no nonsense approach. She has a practical manner and is very supportive.

Carol is always just an email or text away and offers help every step of the way.

She always knows which remedy will be the best for you and offers heart felt advice.

Such a wonderful loving person”

MH, Sweden (remote e-lybra®9 bio-resonance with e-pendant)
“Carol has this special skill that few people have. The client feel attended to and helped just by meeting her. She knows how to proceed; she listens and uses her skills from many different areas to help her client and the problem she/he present.

She has common sense, intuition and knowledge that work together in harmony. I highly recommend her a colleague and friend.”

FA, London (eLybra®9 Bio-Resonance with mostly remote work)

“I still can’t believe that the same anxious, lonely person who called Carol in May 2016 , desperately seeking help and advice for her depression and panics attacks is, just after 4 months, the same one that is now writing this testimonial praising the incredible effect that the e-lybra pendant and Carol’s help and balanced advice has had in my life and in my general well being.

Many positive things happened in my life in terms of mental health and personal relationships. I was able to attract positive people and situations around me and this is certainly due to a better energy field that the e-pendant has contributed to create around and inside me.

The other important aspect of this kind of healing is that it works remotely and so does Carol. And this enabled me to understand that we are all connected energetically by subtle vibrations and magnetic fields and we have to believe and follow the flow of this universal stream of energy without becoming addicted to a healer or a system of thoughts. That’s the honesty of the treatment, yes you are guided if you want, but the work is yours once we understand that through our well being we can contribute to the harmony and well being of the entire universe and if we are honest with ourselves, we cannot escape from this collective duty. This is when we really heal ourselves”.


JW, Cumbria (fellow homeopath)
“Carol is a wonderful practitioner, who brings a great depth and range of knowledge to her work, along with a calm and caring presence. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services as a homeopath to others.”

CH, Birmingham (fellow homeopath)
“I’ve worked with Carol for the last 2 years both as a business partner and a fellow homeopath at Superkids Homeopathy. She has always been a pleasure to work with as she has an easy going and positive attitude combined with a very professional approach to our clients and to the study of homeopathy.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Carol to anyone looking for a homeopath or for a detailed health assessment through hair testing.”

CF, Derbyshire (fellow homeopath)
“I have worked with Carol in several clinics around the country and have always been impressed by her professional expertise and knowledge. She is approachable, sensitive and very caring and an excellent homeopath. I have no hesitation in recommending her to you.”

KS, Warwickshire  (Superkids Homeopathy for children)
“I cannot thank Chris and Carol enough for what they have done for my two boys who were covered in eczema, not sleeping for the itching and scratching keeping them awake but after a few weeks they are different boys

I was very sceptical but having tried everything I did not know what to do it was ruling our lives but now things are so much better thank you Chris and Carol”

MC, Devon (eLybra®9 Bio-Resonance remote work)
“We had the best night’s sleep in months after the eLybra9® session. I have suffered from blocked sinuses for many years which used to wake me up during the night. I used Olbas oil to clear it and often woke my husband in the process. Within a month of starting the eLybra remote sessions I have been able to sleep through the night. The ePendant goes everywhere with me now!”

KZ, Gloucestershire (Shamanic Energy Medicine)
“I was blown away by Carol’s insight during the shamanic healing. I am sure a lot of old baggage has been released. I thoroughly recommend it.”

PG, Norfolk (remote eLybra®9 Bio-Resonance)

“I can’t thank you enough for the work that you did with me. It has really turned my life around. The light at the end of the tunnel is no longer an oncoming train! I have recovered much of my energy and feel more hopeful for the future. You have been so kind and encouraging when you have spoken to me and the healing you gave me has shifted so much ‘stuff’. So glad I found you!”

GM, Warwickshire (Homeopathy for a child)
“My 5 year old son has struggled to sleep alone in his own bed since he was a baby. He had recently started to suffer from abdominal pain, headaches and loose stools when I decided to visit Carol. A month later, he was happily sleeping in his own bed and the other symptoms had gone too.”

EH, Kent – (remote Shamanic Energy Medicine)
” Carol has been fundamental in my positive life changing experience using Shamanic Energy Medicine Healing. She has cleared my energy field and has also given me a soul retrieval, which has made me feel like ‘me’ probably for the first time since I was a young child. This experience has given me the confidence to move forward in my life and has removed the obstacles that stood in my way of growth and change. I cannot recommend this healing session enough and hope that one day everyone can experience this form of healing and realise how important it is to everyone’s emotional and physical wellbeing.
Carol also gave me exercises to keep my energy field clear and sent me a report of all her interesting findings which came via email very quickly! I noticed a difference straight away and haven’t looked back! 🙂 “

KZ, Moreton in Marsh (e-Lybra®9 bio-resonance)
“Brilliant. The Bio resonance has cleared the bit of psoriasis I had since a recent vaccination for Yellow Fever. The future of medicine without a doubt.”

DS Wiltshire (e-Lybra®9 bio-resonance with pendant)

“I’ve always had problems with cysts in my breast and even had to have one removed after getting infected after breast feeding my son 5 years ago. 5 weeks ago my GP informed me that I had another large cyst and I was referred back to the hospital where she said they would either drain or remove. I informed Carol of what was happening and she ran some sessions for me. I went for my appointment at the breast clinic this week and they told me the cyst has disappeared. I couldn’t believe it. Carol has worked her “magic” once again !”

CF, Derbyshire (e-Lybra®9 bio-resonance – for a dog)
“I have known Carol for several years and know of her work with homeopathy and bio-resonance so when our elderly border collie started to have difficulties I had no doubts about asking for her help.

Callum is 13 and very fit but he has always been highly strung and he started to behave very strangely. He was very unsettled during the night and would scratch and scratch until we let him out. Even when we let him sleep in our room, he seemed as though he just couldn’t settle and would pace around and scratch at open doors. He seemed distressed although we couldn’t work out why. Carol took a hair sample and ran a first session on him. She sent me some drops and pills to give him and he began to improve straight away. Within a week, he was happier and more settled; he also seemed more outgoing and playful. He had a bit of a relapse about a month later but recovered immediately with another session.

I would recommend Carol unreservedly based on the difference it has made to Callum and would certainly go back to her if any other problems emerge.”

AM, Gloucestershire (Remote e-Lybra®9 bio-resonance with e-pendant)
“When I started with Carol I was struggling with Chronic Fatigue, finding it hard to do much and was feeling very low.  Life is now very different and I am regularly traveling to London for workshops and courses, which had been impossible before (just the thought of walking down the platform at Paddington was too much). I am excited about life for the first time in years and have things booked in my diary for months ahead.  I feel like I have a future now with lots to look forward to. When I was feeling rubbish I could never commit to anything.  Friends have recently said what a transformation they have seen in me in the past 6 months.”

AM, Stroud (Remote e-Lybra®9 bio-resonance with e-pendant for a teenager)
“Last year my son was suffering from ME and was managing just 2 hours at college twice a week. He spent the rest of his time in his room feeling very depressed and said life was pointless. He’d lost interest in everything and constantly felt sick and had headaches.
A month into his remote eLybra9 sessions with Carol he was starting to smile and talk more and wanted to go out with friends again.

His ME consultant advised that he should start the new year at college with half days and being driven there too, but he was feeling so good he insisted on doing the full timetable and he was even walking there and back. Since September his attendance has been really good with just a few days missed, and he’s keeping up with the work.  He’s rediscovered his creativity and although he can still be a moody sullen teenager he smiles at least once most days, which is really delightful after such a difficult time for the past couple of years.”

And about the same young man from another source

“I believe you’ve been helping Xxx, I’m not sure how, for me that does not matter, but it’s working, he seemed different in a good way, he joined in conversation without being forced to, he seemed outwardly happier, it was lovely to see.”

AW, Norfolk (eLybra bio-resonance)

“Since wearing the pendant, I have surged ahead with things I had been wanting to do, but never found the energy or the enthusiasm to do them (huge garden project to turn my garden into a garden rather than a junk yard and building site has been the main this for the last 10 days or so and very successful too)!!!
I felt so much better in myself and life was actually beginning to feel good for a while!”

JL West Midlands (remote e-Lybra®9 bio-resonance with e-pendant)
“Although my mind is open to alternative holistic therapies and treatments, when I learned about E-Lybra, I was a teeny bit doubtful.  I was looking for healing and balancing and having met Carol Fieldhouse, and liking her straight away, I was fascinated enough to try it.  I remember the first night I wore the pendant, I had one of the best sleeps I could remember.  I suddenly felt that something was really working for me.  But something very surprising recently happened to me.
Following the sight of a shadow on the wall of my bladder, seen on an ultrasound, surgery was recommended.  I spoke to Carol before going to hospital and she was very positive about it, saying that she’d previously had experience of someone who wore an E-Lybra pendant going into surgery and nothing being found.  This was amazing to hear and I’d read about things like this in the past.  I remained positive and thus went into surgery.  Lo and behold, nothing was found.  The surgeon apologised for ‘putting me through surgery’, but all I could do was smile and rejoice inwardly.  I don’t know how these instances can be proven, but I do know this, my pendant has become my best and most worn piece of jewellery.  Carol is compassionate, kind and thorough in her work and I’m so very glad we met on this path.”

DS, Swindon (Remote e-Lybra®9 bio-resonance with e-pendant)
“I had been suffering with anxiety and stress for a few months when a friend told me all about Carol and Refreshing Horizons. I was exhausted with no energy and my hormones were all over the place. I had a consultation with her and she listened and understood how I was feeling and she instantly knew how to deal with my issues. I have been carrying my pendant with me for nearly 9 months now and I feel like a different person. I have more energy, feel less anxious and definitely less hormonal ! Thanks to Carol I have started enjoying my life again”.

A few months later… “I’ve always had problems with cysts in my breast and even had to have one removed after getting infected after breast feeding my son 5 years ago. 5 weeks ago my GP informed me that I had another large cyst and I was referred back to the hospital where she said they would either drain or remove. I informed Carol of what was happening and she ran some sessions for me. I went for my appointment at the breast clinic this week and they told me the cyst has disappeared. I couldn’t believe it. Carol has worked her “magic” once again !”

SC – London
Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity
“Carol’s exceptional people skills allow her to listen and really understand the big picture. Her ability to diagnose and treat issues that you could not see for yourself provides real value and assurance. Trust and confidence are the two words I would use when recommending Carol to others – without hesitancy.”

JO, Ireland
I already was familiar with shamanic healing from Alberto Villoldo books and videos. Full trust with Carol was established in a few seconds when we talked through Skype.
After healing session I feel completely different. The most feelings are hard to describe in words. My overeating habit, which persisted for decades, has lost its power, digestive system works more efficiency. My brittle sleep has became very deep now and I don’t feel sleeping is a problem any more. I feel like I became taller. The only regret is that I did not discover modern shamanic healing earlier.
I recommend Carol to everyone with health problems!

LG, Solihull (remote animal communication)

“I had a wonderful animal communication from Carol. She picked up on the very different characteristics of my 2 dogs .There were some lovely messages for me to take on board from the dogs and helped me a lot to understand there needs She even picked up on my pregnancy and how one of the dogs felt about that . I would highly recommend a session with Carol to understand your pet more.”

JS, Warwickshire (remote animal communication)
“I met Carol Fieldhouse at a networking meeting. She does not know anything about me or my dog, but she somehow managed to produce a startlingly accurate ‘communication’ from Kiki – all from a photo sent by e-mail.

It has been very reassuring to feel that Kiki has let us know what works and doesn’t work for her; and we have made one or two small changes based on the narrative. Carol really did capture Kiki’s personality and came up with some evidence that would have been very hard to guess, so we are convinced that she has a rare and special gift.”

TS (remote shamanic energy medicine)

“I really enjoyed my remote healing sessions with Carol. As the sessions began, I felt the energies shift. The sessions were emotional and soothing and made me feel renewed. I did not get the black and white solution I was hoping for (to my issue) but the sessions revealed a new way of handling things that has helped me. Some of the energy medicine planted by Carol develops over time (which she informs you) and I’ve seen it function in my life. The session feels like a soul massage which I highly recommend! Carol knows what she’s doing. The good part about her healing sessions (for me) was that I feel more self sufficient afterwards. There are no bells and whistles, there is some psychological digging that you do on your own as a result of the healing, but it works. Don’t expect a genie… Expect objective solutions, expect to dig up your problems by the roots. Then it’s up to you to habituate yourself to a new way of being that is revealed by the healing session.”

FL, Norfolk (remote animal communication)

“I sought help from Carol when my 5yr old German shepherd Frankie was diagnosed with elbow dysplacia. He was prescribed anti-inflammatories by my vet but I was concerned about the side effects these would have long term as he’d need them for life. As an animal communicator Carol connected with Frankie to find out more about how we could help him and what she reported back to me, no one else could possibly have known. For example Carol asked him was there anything he’d like passing onto me and he told her about his bowl needing attention. A few weeks earlier I’d started adding Apple Cider Vinegar to his water bowl and he hated it so much that he refused to drink from it, he was telling me to sort it out! The process isn’t just a discussion, the communicator can be presented with images and feelings too so when Carol asked about where he sleeps and got the feeling of being drafty it made perfect sense as Frankie’s bed is next to the patio doors, living in a barn we have a lot of drafts to deal with. These are just two examples of the session which explored how he feels and what we could do to help him. I subsequently sent a hair sample to Carol and Frankie now wears an e-lybra pendant on his collar which is working to rebalance him both physically and emotionally.”

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Seminars and mentoring

Munay Ki Rites

– Munay-Ki Rites student
“I received the nine rites of Munay Ki in 2009 from Carol.

As a healer, I was already used to different forms of energy. However, within a very short time, I was having communications, usually in a dream state, with various Earthkeepers from indigenous peoples.

They spoke of a time to come but also about how the world is currently in need of all our help.

The rites have moved my Reiki healing to a new level and I now work in a totally different way.

I am now passing on these rites to another three Reiki Masters in Coventry who are also experiencing amazing changes in their outlook etc

Thank you Carol for taking me in a new & exciting direction”

M, Leicestershire   – Munay-Ki Rites student
I thoroughly enjoyed the Munay Ki work I undertook with Carol. Carol is a wonderful teacher who assists and supports you whilst working through the rites – giving confidence to nurture and eventually pass the rites on yourself. Munay Ki was a very empowering experience and the effects can be life changing, I recommend it and Carol most highly’

K, Gloucestershire – Munay-ki Rites student

“Thank you so much for including me in your Munay-Ki Rites weekends. They were really special events and a great privilege to take part in. Brilliant also to have something so powerful that I can pass on to others as well as developing my own potential as a therapist and human being!”

AH, Carmarthenshire   – Munay-Ki Rites student
“I really enjoyed receiving the Munay-ki rites and I found the whole experience delightful because Carol is so easy to work with.

Carols’ attentiveness, insight, invaluable advice mixed with a pleasant sense of humour made for an enlightening afternoon, one I will always remember.

I thoroughly recommend Munay-ki to anyone who is willing to delve deeper into life’s mysteries; for those seekers keen to embolden their journey and actually walk the path.

I thoroughly recommend her services”.

AP Northamptonshire – Munay ki Rites student

“Thank you for sharing the Rites with me I found the whole experience truly uplifting and inspirational I feel really empowered and ready to take responsibility for my future actions and ready to dream my own story.

Life changing truly life changing thank you so very much

The 9 rites were passed in a very easy yet deeply moving way I thank you for sharing these gifts and tools and empowering me for the times to come.”

JE, North Wales – Munay-Ki Rites student
“I took the First four rites with Carol with much anticipation. I felt after the initial Foundation rites that my energy had shifted and I felt even more energised than before, I almost felt that I had re-attuned to a familiar matrix of energy which became stronger in the weeks ahead with practice and unpacking. Carol’s light- hearted approach certainly helped me with the process of attunements over the months and combined with her professional approach worked great for me. I was I felt guided to use Carol as my mentor and Munay-Ki guide on earth. My Lineage rites also were a lovely transmission of energy and unblocking of stagnated areas, which allowed for perception and my own truths to develop over the next year. It was important to heed Carol’s wise words not to take this too seriously which can be my Achilles Heal at times, but just to tread lightly with it.

The final Rites of time to come were beautiful and I felt like a strong presence of peace and love emanated from me and all of life. And as the months rolled on by I finally begin to accept myself as a luminous being who has chosen the path of light and Healing within these great rites. It has been at times a journey which has had its ups and downs but I have been given the tools to face my fears and look at life with new eyes and begin to release the old fears and worn out repetitions of passed thoughts and experiences.

So, thank you Carol for your dedication, Professional ethics, and Kindness which all combined to enable me to practice this beautiful and life changing process within the great Process of Life itself”

JW, Coventry – Munay-ki Rites Student
“Hello Carol,

Just a quick note to say thank you again for transmitting the Munay-Ki rites to me, I was impressed with the way that you made the whole process easy and in a friendly relaxed manner. Thank you for sharing your teachings, they are powerful and so beautiful.

I have unpacked the seeds and started with the fire ceremonies as laid out in the folder that you gave me and am now nurturing some sprouting seeds.

Looking forward to doing more with you in the future

In Munay, J ”

CM – Munay-ki Rites student

“Along with a friend, I attended two half day sessions run by Carol to receive the nine rites of Munay-Ki. Carol instantly put us at easy with her friendly approach to the sessions. She was not only knowledgeable about the rites, but presented them in a very understandable and supportive way. I thoroughly enjoyed both sessions and feel I benefited a great deal from them. Since receiving the rites, Carol has also offered invaluable support as a Munay-Ki mentor. I highly recommend her to anyone considering embarking on the Munay-Ki path.”

Hosting seminars for other people

Kim Kalina, International CEASE Therapy Instructor
“I cannot recommend Carol at Refreshing Horizons highly enough! She has organized several courses for me, with from 20 to 60 people in attendance, and arranged for everything to flow smoothly. Whenever any issue arose she handled it seamlessly. Some of the courses had a number of more complex elements, with registrants needed to be pre-screened for qualifications, snacks and drinks at breaks arranged, technology to be sorted out, accommodations sought for international attendees, and room adjustments needing to be made last minute due to an unexpected heat wave in London. Carol managed them all quickly, professionally and with a cheerful smile! I highly recommend her as an event organizer!”

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