I first used e-Lybra for my dog clients (I am a canine dietitian and behaviourist) and they gave good reports, but I thought it was probably the change of diet etc.

After a while, I started to notice that the first thing owners reported was ALWAYS a change in mood of their dogs: happier, playful, more relaxed etc. I believed them, but had never seen it myself, until I ordered an e-pendant session for a long-term foster of mine, abused as a young dog, and therefore shy and fearful. I ordered it on the off chance it would help, no fixed date, I was in no rush.

The following week, I woke up one morning to a completely different dog. She was relaxed, happy and confident and although the work we had been doing had slowly moved her in that direction, I had enough experience to know that such a net change doesn’t happen overnight. I was stumped.  A few days later, I suddenly thought to ask if the e-Lybra session had been run yet. When I learned that it had been run overnight the night before my dog changed, I was blown away!! Finally, I got to see with my own eyes what my clients had been telling me. I thought they were exaggerating, but you cannot placebo a dog, and since I had no idea when the scan was being run, I was not susceptible to a placebo effect either. It just plain worked.

I now recommend it even more emphatically to all my dog clients and there is a difference between those that take it up and those that do not. I don’t always see client‘s dogs in person (or infrequently), but I did have the good fortune to see the e-Lybra work close up on a very sick shelter dog that I was called in to help.  He could scarcely breathe from a bad chest infection, several courses of antibiotics were not helping at all.  He had lost half his body weight, had stopped eating, and looked like he just didn’t want to fight any more.  I enlisted Carol’s help again for an e-Lybra session.  The day after she ran it, I got a text from the shelter to say the Malamute had perked up and was taking an interest in his food again. Sure, diet will help, but not unless the dog eats it. That is what the e-Lybra is so good at achieving. I cannot see the physical effects it has on molecules and atoms, and doubtless it is working its magic at that level too, since those clients recover faster, but I have seen the effects it has on energy, and on the emotional components that are so essential to overall welfare and recovery in dogs.

I am very grateful to Carol for her invaluable help with the dogs, and equally so for the amazing support she has given me through many an e-Lybra pendant session, delivered just at the right time, every time. I don’t actually want to know the dates beforehand, I give her carte blanche, and I get a kick out of waking up one morning with NO PAIN and smiling, and only finding out later that THAT was the night she ran my session!


Note: My service provides remote energy medicine to the animals involved. I do not diagnose/advise or claim to heal/cure/treat any disease. Most of these animals were not in the UK.

The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 – Under the terms of the act, in the UK, it is illegal for anyone other than an RCVS-registered Veterinary Surgeon to prescribe homeopathy and a variety of other therapies* for animals or to diagnose or give advice based upon a diagnosis. This law applies even if no charge is made for the service but does not apply to owners who treat their own animals. Exceptions are made for those supplying manipulative therapies (e.g. massage, chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy), working under veterinary supervision, so long as no prescription is supplied or offered.

*This includes but is not limited to homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine and aromatherapy.

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