Divorce and breakups

Divorce and breakups

Divorce, or the break up of a long-term partnership is tough for all involved. The ripples go out from the individuals involved and their immediate family out into their circle of friends and even work colleagues. Whatever the reasons for it are, emotions are likely...

Leptospirosis and homeopathy

Successful use of homeopathic nosodes Dr Gustavo Bracho | Homeopathy versus vaccines for Leptospirosis epidemics How the Finlay Institute used homeopathic medicines to control an epidemic of the life-threatening disease Leptospirosis in Cuba (a recurring problem...

Headache and Migraine Mudra

I love the simple things that make a big difference and Mudras are something I discovered in 2013 at a Robin Murphy seminar. Definition: “Mudra” is a Sanskrit word whose English translation is “seal.” In Taoist practice, the term most commonly...

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