ePendantThe Stress Balance Pendant is a wonderful way to give yourself a break at times of stress. It is designed to restore a person’s energetic centre to calm the emotions, to dissolve the mind fog, and to help the person become less fragmented.

This, in turn, allows clarity of thought and mental focus, reduces the feeling of anxiety and the inability to function, and promotes a sense of being grounded and of core stability.

I have tested this pendant myself at times of extreme stress. Before I put it on I was re-playing the thing/s that upset me over and over in my mind and finding it difficult to take my mind away from that. Calmness reigned the moment I put it on and I was able to compartmentalise the problems and function fully in my other roles. I highly recommend it.

Can the pendant be used alongside other therapies? Yes, you can even wear more than one pendant if you need to. The e-pendant programmed specifically for you (using a bio-sample and your medical history) can be working on general underlying issues you wish to clear. The stress-balance-pendant will focus on clearing blockages relating to stress alone.

Do take medical advice if you have any concerns about using it.

Can more than one person share the stress balance pendant? – yes, it works for the person (or animal) who is wearing it at that time.

Do I have to wear it as a pendant? no, it can go in your pocket, or ladies often tuck it inside the bra. At night it can go under your pillow. If it is within 7cm of your body it will be able to work.

How long does it last? It is sent recharging resonances at intervals to maintain its power so will keep working for a very long time.

Some examples of uses for it: exams; driving test; fears and phobias (e.g. flying); public speaking; job interviews; big life events such as wedding, divorce, moving house etc.  Any situation where stress is sweeping your thoughts away from more important things.

Cost – in the UK and Europe the price is currently £50.00 including P&P (Aug 18).  I can provide a quotation to send to other places, and do offer a discount for greater quantities.

Please email info@refreshinghorizons.com to order.

Size and weight – The e-Pendants are 50 mm long and weigh 15 grams. They are made from a specially formulated proprietary mineral compound. Please handle with due care. Clean with a soft damp cloth. Do not immerse in water.

Letter from one client about her stress balance pendant

“Thank you Carol for the recent Stress Pendant i bought from you. I chose this pendant with my 10 year old daughter in mind initially to help with her upcoming 11+ exam.  She was worrying about the exam and the pressure that she was putting on herself.  You explained that the pendant was small enough to be put in a pocket, or hung round your neck, so not noticeable and will be beneficial for this anxiousness.

You delivered the pendant so promptly and immediately my daughter was thrilled to put it on and wear it.  The next day it was put straight in her pocket and truly she said “Mummy I do feel a little calmer do you think its to do with the Stress pendant I am wearing”  Of course I said! It is so light and easy with no-one noticing you have it on.  She said she squeezed it in her hand when she started to feel a little nervous and along with deep breaths her feeling subsided. She found the experience quite encouraging.

We have now had the pendant for 10 days and it is an accessory she has with her every day and also helps her staying calmer during her school day when sometimes she may get a little anxious and frustrated (with herself more than anything!) I have borrowed it on only a couple of occasions to see how it felt and I found the experience calming too. So if anyone is thinking whether there is a benefit I would highly recommend they get one and try it out.  We have a family holiday looming and my daughter gets very quite worried about the feeling of flying and how it makes her feel quite worried. So we are excited to be bringing the pendant with us to see how this helps her with these feelings. I will keep you posted!

By the way my daughter is a lovely grounded girl who is growing up and trying to understand a whole host of emotions but with having the pendant somehow she feels less stressed at school and can cope with problems easier. Thank you Carol once again for this recommendation.”

To date, everyone who has had one from me has found they feel much better using it.



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