How does one go about clearing the air?

People talk about “clearing the air”, often after a disagreement. The truth is that doing something to actually clear the air, the atmosphere, in a room or the whole building can make a big difference.

Employing someone else to do it

Many years ago, I paid for a full  space clearing for my home from one of Karen Kingston’s people (author of Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui). This was very interesting. It involved lots of flowers, candles, and bells.

I had to clean and tidy the house thoroughly first. The practitioner spent time in each room cleansing it and then put a candle and flowers in the centre, on the floor, before moving on to the next room.

Towards the end of the session we put my wishes for the future into a Balinese Bell and rang it around the house. Then I had to go out for a couple of hours.

She also tested for electro magnetic fields, underwater water etc. and advised me to change a few things about the decor.   The house felt lovely afterwards and it was therapeutic for me to have it done for me after my alcoholic ex-husband had moved out. It felt like a true fresh start.

She also advised some changes in decor that I organised later that year.

The biggest thing I took away from the session was how much the thoughts and words of the house occupants get stored in the fabric of the house.

If we could all be positive happy bunnies all the time, once the space has been cleared then that would be a good start to helping it to stay that way.

However, life happens and most of us have bad days, cross words and other events that create turmoil. Therefore, clearing the space regularly is a good habit to get into.Save





Things you can do yourself


Shamanic traditions burn particular materials to ‘smudge’ the people and the atmoshpere. North American Indigenous people tend to use White Sage (not the herb we grow in the UK).

A Peruvian shaman will often use Paulo Santo wood (and that is what I use when doing my shamanic energy medicine sessions) as a powerful way to shift heavy energies.

Burning such things can be a bit tricky and potentially dangerous so do take care with this, and be aware of fire detectors too!


Sacred Space sprays

This is something you can use almost anywhere. I use these Sacred Space Sprays a LOT and really heartily recommend them.

Alaskan Essence Space Clearing Sprays. These work instantly and smell delightful. 

I first found discovered their effectiveness at homeopathic student clinic. Often we would be left feeling headachy and stressed after a particularly in-depth client consultation. Our tutor used to whiz around the room spraying it, and us, with these sprays. Without fail, the room felt fresh and wonderful and we were restored to clarity and lightness, ready for our next client.

Do it in this order – first “Purification” then “Calling All Angels” then “Lighten-up” and finally “Guardian”.

I would not be without them now.

Alaskan Essences also produce a Sweetgrass Hydrosol which is also for space clearing – similar to sage smudging in action. They also sell the space clearing combinations in dropper form so you can put drops around the building instead. (The drops can also be taken in water to clear your own energy field if required.)

I do sell these, ask if you are interested.

Plants and flowers

Natural things can uplift us and therefore the atmosphere. High energy plants like Peace Lillies absorb low energies. Fresh cut flowers, if you like them, delight you with their lovely colours, and perhaps smells.


Crystals are a big topic on their own – each crystal has different qualities it can add to the room it is in.

Essential oils

These can be used in a diffuser can provide healing qualities and even antibacterial help as well. There are great books about them. I particularly like Valerie Ann Worwood’s ‘Fragrant Pharmacy’. Some essential oils specialists provide blends of oils for specific purposes, such as allowing you to focus, relaxation, sleep etc.


Sound can be a great help – Singing Bowls, pleasant toned bells, playing uplifting music all help lift the energy of the room.  I often play a recording by Jose Luis Herrera of Ceremonial Ikaros (haunting vocal music, channelled directly from spirit in Peru) to prepare healing spaces. You can purchase recordings of singing bowls, Bhuddist chants and other similarly spiritually uplifting audio on-line and it can be put on and left playing in the room when you go out or perhaps overnight in a business environment.

Do not underestimate the power of putting on some lively music of any kind though that makes you feel happy. I have a playlist on my ipod called ‘housework’ that contains a number of fun songs I can put on loud and jig around to as I get the cleaning done. Even leaving this playing when I am out of a room makes a big difference to the feel of the room when I return.

Silent healing – there are CDs available that sound completely silent yet are putting out healing resonances into the atmosphere. I sell one type of those which puts bio-resonances into the atmosphere silently. Great for offices!


For 24×7 space clearing

If you have a home or business premises with ‘problems’ that aren’t clearing with the simpler ideas above then these will probably be required.

Geopathic Devices that plug into the mains and clear your environment – the bigger one will do an entire house or any area up to 400 square metres. There is a smaller, travel, device that will do a room. I’ve put a separate post on to describe these two.


If this isn’t working

If there still seems to be something that is not clearing then consider calling on a professional to take a look and offer advice. I do provide space clearing in various ways as part of my services

Carol’s space clearing services:

Space clearing of the clients’ home, vehicles and workspace is often included at a gentle level during remote e-Lybra9 bio-resonance e-Pendant top up sessions.

The e-Lybra9 can also remotely target the specific home/designated area as a separate session.

My extensive shamanic training gave me various methods to clear homes and businesses, working from a layout plan remotely.

Various advanced shamanic divination techniques may be used to clear stuck situations may prove useful – one example is a house that was for sale but never got a second viewing or feedback. Within a month of this technique being performed the house was sold and the occupants had found a new house of their dreams!

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