Shamanic energy medicine provides benefits on many different levels. It focuses on bringing back balance and removing unhelpful patterns/energetic connections between you and other people/things.

It is all done “In Munay” – with love – to support you. I have completed a great amount of training in this work and take it very seriously.

Life events can leave us holding burdens or feeling we have lost something along the way. A shaman tracks the energetic connections Kuyabetween the client’s bio-field and other external or missing energies to lift burdens and leave more energy for day to day life.

Things can change quickly after this work. The fascinating thing about it is that neither of us need to know what has been holding you back. The energy changes, your thought patterns change and life may generally feel better and more exciting.

This energy medicine has to be experienced rather than intellectually understood.

I remember a businessman sitting with a grin all over his face saying to me “I can’t really tell anyone about this can I? nobody will understand”. I had to agree. I’d removed something that felt like concrete from around his legs, and he had felt it go. The result on his life was amazing. After that one session, he changed job, home, relationship and where he lived within a matter of weeks! I saw him again after a year and he was such a different person.

The experience tends to be recognised as familiar so makes sense at a very deep level (like triggering a most ancient memory) yet words can’t explain it – it is at a mythical level rather than logical human level.

KZ, Gloucestershire (Shamanic Healing)

“I was blown away by Carol’s insight during the shamanic healing. I am sure a lot of old baggage has been released. I thoroughly recommend it.”

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The shamanic energy medicine session

Why I recommend remote sessions

I recommend remote sessions because:

A) You don’t need to travel. You can relax at home without any stresses from travelling (late/early, where do I park, stuck in traffic…). After the session, you can immediately start to integrate the energetic changes and bring about a clean and strong start to the new patterns it will have initiated in your life.

B) They work extremely well, arguably better than at clinic. I can focus 100% on channelling information, performing the energetic changes and being a clean witness noting down what happens for your report. I don’t need to split myself another direction to take care of your needs – whether you are the right temperature, thirsty, comfortable, bothered by noises/smells….  You do that part for me!

I use a teddy bear as a surrogate for my clients – Tim who was my childhood toy!

C) They cost less because I don’t need to hire a room, travel, cleanse and prepare the room for which I have to charge extra.


Before the session (usually from when your payment is received – ideally 48 hours or more beforehand) the intention is set and I ask spirit to prepare for it to make the appropriate level of shift for you at this time.

The day before your session I ensure that I eat and drink especially healthily, no alcohol, meat or anything that might prevent me from being a clean channel for the work.  Nearer to the session I work with my Mese (shamanic altar) and space clear the room I/we will work in, also opening sacred space to ensure it is a perfect environment for the session.

You can choose how much preparation you wish to do. The calmer and clearer you are as a recipient the easier it is for me to access your energy field to do the work.


This can be quite brief. We talk through the priorities you want to address. However, you don’t have to tell me what you want to address if you don’t want to! How great is that?Kuya

In that case, all you need to do is to tune into the issue and be able to “embody it” (to feel as though you can blow the energy of it into the stone, “Kuya”, that I have). It sounds a bit odd but I help you through this and can tell when it has worked.

The energy medicine session

During the remote session, we put the phone down (or disconnect the internet call). I recommend you potter around doing gentle tasks or relax quietly. You can tune in to see what information you get if you like.

If you chose to visit me at clinic, you will lie and relax on a therapy couch (fully clothed) and may be asked to stand for certain procedures. Herb infusions and smudging may be used to clear your energy field and I will connect with our spirit helpers to perform the work.

Various divination and integration techniques are used to help you to fully embody the changes.  My focus is very much on sending you forward in life with less baggage.

Sometimes I will see and work with past life information. Please note that I only tell you what I “see” if spirit insists it is necessary for you to know it. (Therefore, if you want a good yarn to tell your mates I’m probably not the practitioner for you. There  are plenty of other practitioners who will happily take you through past lives at great length yet I feel that can keep you stuck rather than allow you to live this life fully.)

I will clean up your energy field, grounding and source cords and generally ensure you are left completely in balance by the end of the session. You might receive a power animal, new contracts, soul parts and other energetic items that will have meaning for you and be things you can work with to integrate them into your life. These are representations of energetic resonances that you have been given to take you forward.

You receive a report about the session as well as being talked through it. There will be some integration exercises (homework!) to fully allow you to step forward in your life. I am merely a channel for some of this, you have the key to understanding it and taking it forward so homework may also be provided to embed the changes fully.

The experience is often extremely interesting and rewarding.

After the session

I email a report to you. I perform ceremony outside to cleanse any rutilated quartz crystals used to remove stuck energies from your energy field and release those energies to the stars or the earth. I close sacred space and honour and thank our spirit guides for the help they have provided.

We stay in touch over the next month or so that we can make sure you are feeling the full benefits from the session and are integrating it fully.

Your session takes between two and a half hours and three hours from start to finish. I spend a lot more time than that, as you can see, which is why I only do a limited number of these each month.

What my clients say

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“I really enjoyed receiving the Munay-ki rites and I found the whole experience delightful because Carol is so easy to work with. Carols’ attentiveness, insight, invaluable advice mixed with a pleasant sense of humour made for an enlightening afternoon, one I will always remember. I thoroughly recommend Munay-ki to anyone who is willing to delve deeper into life’s mysteries; for those seekers keen to embolden their journey and actually walk the path. I thoroughly recommend her services”.
AH, CarmarthenshireMunay-ki Rites Mentoring

Other shamanic energy medicine sessions available:

Single focus 1-1.5 hour remote session – this is a cut-down version of the full session, you have a single focus for the session which we clarify in 15 minutes. I do the work for half to three-quarters of an hour and provide quick feedback and homework. No written report.

Situational Divination – This is a technique to work on a particular situation that is proving challenging for you. It uses a specific set of thirteen stones and shamanic techniques to look at the situation situational divinationenergetically and remove blockages to improve the flow of energy around it. I need from you a clear written description of the situation. It takes me around half an hour to do.

I let you know when it has been done (I do them in batches) and look forward to hearing what happened next from you!

One client sold her house (after a year with no second viewings) and found a new home (hundreds of miles away) within a couple of weeks of me doing this for her!


This can be performed on animals, usually remotely. (To support veterinary care NOT replace it! – I am not a vet so not allowed to diagnose or treat animals. I can support you as you care for them)

I may combine this with eLybra9 bioresonance sessions on the animal according to what the issue is.  Pricing is individually calculated.

Houses & Businesses

Houses and businesses can be worked on providing the you have stewardship i.e. the authority to allow changes to happen.

This is  best performed remotely. Details of the issue and/or a plan of the area to be cleared would be required.

Please contact me for more information

To find out more about the healing techniques visit the page about Andean Shamanic Energy Medicine

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