Have you ever been in the situation where adverse energies have had a negative impact on your energetic system? If so then this Pendant may be just right for you.

The Protection Pendant has been designed to create and reinforce a protection structure in and around the human bio-field which includes your physical and subtle bodies, but without the feeling of being energetically restricted and without separation.e-Pendant

The formula held within the Protection Pendant has been developed and improved over many years, and various parts of the formula have been used countless times in all manner of circumstances. The formula is dynamic in its operation, which means it is self-regulating and only works when it is needed.

It is difficult to have heightened energetic awareness and to be resilient to adverse energies that are around us in everyday living; this is especially true of our younger generation whose gifts of awareness are delicate and still forming.

This device is designed to create an energetic structure so that adverse energies and entities cannot become resident or attach themselves in the person’s bio-field. This energetic structure will facilitate protection on many levels and will strengthen the person’s energetic field – regardless of age or sensitivity.

In particular we have focused on the following forms of negative and adverse energy, which includes:

  • Imbalance caused by Ghosts, spirits, trapped souls
  • Imbalance caused by Fractured souls
  • Imbalance caused by Detrimental or inappropriate entities
  • Imbalance caused by Detrimental Energy Forms
  • Imbalance caused by Human conflict or emotional energy
  • Imbalance caused by Elementals
  • Imbalance caused by Detrimental Tree spirits
  • Imbalance caused by Detrimental Animal spirits
  • Imbalance caused by Stress/disturbance (man-made), emotional
  • Imbalance caused by Chakra imbalances or blockages of others
  • Imbalance caused by Black magic
  • Imbalance caused by Curses or spells
  • Imbalance caused by (negative) Extra Terrestrial Interference
  • Imbalance caused by Psychic cords attached to persons causing drain of energy

The Protection Pendant can be worn at any time or as long as required without any negative effect on the user. It is especially good to use in crowded places or places that are particularly low in vibration e.g. restaurants, shops, old buildings to name but a few. Some sacred sites and crop circles have also been misused, and the Protection Pendant will stop adverse energy from becoming attached to your bio-field.

Please get in touch to purchase one – the price including P&P to UK locations @ December 2018 is £50

Trading as Refreshing Horizons Limited registered in England and Wales. Reg. No. 7090368
Reg. Office: 1 Sycamore Close, Sibford Gower, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX15 5SB

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