Both Homeopathy and my e-Pendant services are safe to use as a general rule. The ingredients in homeopathic medicines (mainly plants and minerals) are highly diluted and the e-Pendant contains only energetic resonances. They are therefore non-toxic and ideal for use at times when you might not want, or be able to, take conventional drugs.  Do take medical advice if you have any concerns, of course.

Preparation for pregnancy

Getting yourselves into better health and a positive frame of mind will help with conception and health through the pregnancy.

It is good to eliminate toxins from your system if you can well before conception in case they cause problems with your fertility or possibly get passed on to your child. Therefore a course of bio-resonance or homeopathic sessions to lift your vitality and to trigger detoxification is a great idea.

If you are struggling to give up any potentially harmful habits such as smoking or drinking we can help with that.

Also, if you are taking medication and would prefer not to then, by strengthening you as a whole, the use of these may be reduced – we would need to discuss your specific situation to decide whether that is a route you could take.


There are many causes of infertility from stress and dietary issues through to more severe health problems. Liz Laylor is one homeopath who has worked a lot with infertility issues and has produced a protocol that has provided success for many happy couples. There are many other examples of homeopathy being used successfully. Bio-resonance can be a great support for this as well.

If you decide to go ahead with fertility treatment you might still find that some holistic support alongside will help you to deal better with the stresses and strains of the process. A homeopathic remedy such as Ledum and/or Hypericum could really help make injections more comfortable, for example, and there are many remedies that can soften any emotional swings.

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