Water is an amazing and unique substance.

Physically it can exist in three states – water, gas and solid.

When it freezes it becomes less dense, so floats, thereby keeping all the organisms underneath a little warmer and safe. This can also be used to break rocks up – by putting water in the crevices before a frost.

Water pressure created using heat we have used for steam engines etc. and it is used to burst seeds in nature.

To burn anything some water is needed, even in diesel fuel!

For me, the most truly amazing and powerful thing about water is that it has a memory. Anything coming into contact with it changes it. Holding water in a silver vessel is still the strongest antibiotic. The chemical composition does not change but the structure of it does.

Contact with emotions change the energy of the water. Negative emotions lower its energy and positive ones increase it.

Using water with a good structure improves the quality of crops…

Quality water has a positive impact on our health in many ways….

Watch this video to find out many more things about the power of water, it is really packed with powerful and interesting information!



I retail some products that are designed to clear the memory of the water in your home or just for drinks you use. Get in touch to find out more.

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