I love to hear veterinary surgeon and homeopath Geoff Johnson speak about homeopathy.

Here is a short video in which Geoff talks about some of the magical things that fire me up about what I now for a living. There is a completely different realm of being in operation that can be drawn on to bring about healing – taking the farmer’s health into account when treating his cows for example.
I admit my scientific/IT brain still finds it completely bonkers but these days bows and steps into the back seat, laughing like a drain in amazement and pleasure as we hear and see results.
Over and over again magical things happen in a beautiful, harmless and expansive way that is in harmony with nature and with our own true inner self 🙂
Perhaps I set up a remote e-Lybra session for a client I have never met and they start to feel better or I give a homeopathic pill to someone who can’t sleep and they now can sleep. Placebo effect will come into it, of course, but there is something else too…

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