Why think about a perfect day?

Have you ever thought about what your perfect day might be? Have you spent time visualising it?

If not, why not? If you don’t know what you truly want out of life, how will you ever make changes in order to get there?

“It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going” – Brian Tracy

 There are a lot of people, including top sportsmen and women, who put great store on visualisation to get results.

In our lives it is easy to bumble from day to day, getting through each one without much thought. This does rather make it very likely that in ten years we will still be doing much the same unless something jumps in to bump us out of that pattern. Is that what you want? It certainly isn’t what I want.

If you always do what youve always done, youll always get what youve always got.” ― Henry Ford.

For me, a sense of  a goal, a dream, to strive towards is key.

This goal can change and grow but there has to be one.

What would your perfect day look like?

Thinking of your perfect day gives you something to aim for and a measure so you know when you have arrived “there” in the future.

One way to come up with a perfect day is to take a blank sheet of paper and write down ideas for all the different parts of your life in that day – the things that fire you up and complete you as a person.

How, when and where would you start your day? Perhaps you live in a town and love to rise early to enjoy a sunrise from your apartment high above the city…

  • How would you spend it?
  • Who would you spend it with?
  • When is the perfect time of year for you?
  • Where in the world?
  • What would you eat?
  • What would you do?
  • Would you be working or on a day off, or on holiday? … 
  • Why is each thing important to you?
  • Is there anything missing?… go back and fill in the gaps.


A perfect day for me…. I love the countryside. On my perfect day, I’d wake early, enjoying a beautiful sunrise with countryside views,

Walking through the orchard in springtimeperhaps even with distant sea views. It would be springtime with the birds singing loudly, blossom on the trees and spring flowers everywhere. I stroll around my beautiful garden as my dogs and cats play and I enjoy the fresh air and peacefulness. The mist is gently rising creating wonderful transitory scenes as I look across the landscape. After a while, I stop and do some Yoga exercises to feel grounded and in a peaceful state of mind ready for the day.

When we get indoors my husband and I have a healthy breakfast.

Now for a few hours work. I lock myself away for a while in my office with a cat sprawled asleep on the chair. I focus well on the goals I have for the day. There is a balance of work for my current clients (phone and Skype calls or remote healing/animal communication) and strategic work for the business as a whole such as future events, new offerings, and promotional activities.

Late morning, we go for a walk with the dogs and then call in at the local hostelry for a (soft) drink and lunch.
Feeling refreshed, I welcome my afternoon clients to my beautiful light and airy facilities. The work is completed with a mixture of fun, laughter and deeply frank conversations. It really doesn’t feel like work because we aren’t pushing and shoving to ‘make things happen’ – each person is an individual with a beautiful soul and unique charms and life challenges. We use my skills and tools to bring in ease and flow.

Tonight dinner has to be simple because this evening is a special one. It is the full moon, and I have a gathering of local people visiting to perform a Despacho Ceremony followed by a Fire Ceremony (to release all the wishes that were put into the Despacho). We all feel lighter at the end, having released so many of our worries and also dreams to spirit.

The end of the evening is something I treasure. When everyone has gone, I sit for a while longer by the fire in the peace and quiet reflecting on the day and enjoying the moon.

What a truly perfect day!

… now it is your turn

How is your perfect day looking? Do share it with me if you’d like to.

I have something called an “As If” journal that you can also do every day to start manifesting a better day by looking at what happened and rewriting it.


If you would like to speak with me about my therapy work then contact me

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