The September & October 2014 releases of the e-Lybra9 contained SIX new Energetic Intervention programs. How exciting is that?

Here, Victor Sims of WDS talks about them:

To unravel the seekers path to truth of Self

New Energetic Intervention Programs and what is behind their making

We are spiritual travellers on the same path to enlightenment, sharing the human experience as we go. Loving, always in-love with everything; that is the way of the traveller on the path to enlightenment.

We are all different, some people ‘feel’, some people are more visual, some people are more auditory, most likely a combination of all three. In describing the following please be aware of your own sense of experience.

People on their spiritual path are able to use these Energetic Intervention programs to help unravel the knotted energy threads that hold them in attachment to all things, to give clarity to the seeker on their path to discover truth of self.

For all seekers on the spiritual path it helps to create a deep sense of joy at all times, this is necessary to enliven the stuckness and rigidity of the mind. It creates movement and space to loosen the complex webbing of the fabric that is woven around the identification of mind to issues, beliefs and disease.

Joy can be used as a tool to help shed the burden of the challenges of life. Joy is a key factor in the transformation process as it is the lubricant that assists the seeker to again become child-like and curious and in awe of the majesty of the world around. To acknowledge joy in everything is a sure way to stay connected to the seekers chosen path, for it offers the energy of flexibility to attune to peak human experience as it arises in the seeker.

Joyous laughter is infectious and is the only virus that you need to spread.

The barriers that we create can soon be dismantled; all it takes is a moment of awareness. The barriers create, by their very definition a separation, something between us and the divine and true self. This separation creates a boundary that keeps us from freedom, from experiencing the limitless nature of our own creation. The barrier is also the key to unlocking the pain; it is built using the mind and can be dissolved in the same way.

We create barriers because we think they will protect us but the opposite is true, they just prolong the agony of separation until a point beyond despair, if allowed to continue for too long. This barrier becomes hardened with time and then requires more effort to dissolve it. In that process of hardening the ability for the seeker to balance the problem becomes more difficult. Expert help is then often required to loosen the hold and help the seeker reconnect with Source and put awareness into the problem to dissolve it.

Conscious Awakening and Expansion of Self

Most people seek love from another person or they seek fulfilment, power, wealth, speed, adrenalin rush to satisfy that missing something that yearns within them, an invisible nagging, a driving force that keeps them searching. This is life as a human.

But there is resolution for the seeker.

Being human, having the human experience is all about the inner desire to quench this thirst. The first thing to do is identify that the thirst is there. For some a combination of the above desires is necessary to realise that there is actually something else…

Even devotion to a particular religion can fall short on delivery of the permanent state of completeness.

In different cultures the indigenous peoples in certain areas of the world may use many words just to describe the land, the snow, the sea observing all the subtle nuances of the qualities of such.

Yet when it comes to consciousness awakening it is almost indescribable and language falls short of an adequate description that conveys the actual experiences.

Words such as Samadhi, emptiness, nothingness, going within – (but without the actual going bit or actually doing anything). Words cannot really get us there; it is an experience that is needed.

How does it all work then with the Energetic Intervention Programs?

It is mostly a gradual (it sometimes can be instant) process of removing the identity with each issue or piece of conditioning held within the person’s life story, helping them take responsibility for it – even if they believe something has been done to them and it is not their fault. This means everything that we identify with must be freed and self-realised. As the self becomes unbound it also becomes limitless, all that stuckness starts to dissolve, setting the ‘Self’ free to flow with universal creation.

The very things that we become attached to bind us in such a way that they limit us by the degree with which we identify with them. The seeker only needs to start by finding an issue, any issue, that they have identified with and visualise detaching, letting go and dissolving it.

There are many examples of our attachments, from material things: cars, houses, status symbols, golf course membership, peer status, personal goals, qualifications, even being sick or having a type of illness can create an attachment, the list is endless. Although desires to achieve our goals or of owning something are essential to move the energy of life, there is usually a point where an attachment is formed with the achievement of the goal or object. At this point it becomes an identity with ‘something’ and then starts to limit the person; it forms a container in which we gain security and comfort justly deserved through the effort that it has taken to get there. This container both protects and limits us. The container can become rigid depending on the intensity of our identification with it. Eventually the container defines to others who we are; it then becomes the identity that we define ourselves by. For others around us this is comforting because they know who we are – until one day you change it!

Dismantling the containers is a straightforward process once you have seen them. To do this is liberating, creating freedom for you. People around you suddenly lose that connection with the container and feel that they cannot track you or read you as they did before. Once the touch-paper of dissolving these containers is lit a rapid process can ensue for the seeker. The seeker will want to find as many containers as possible and dissolve them. The enthusiasm of the seeker for freedom can cause de-stabilisation in their surroundings, so spare a thought for your loved ones and colleagues – they may panic.

The new e-Lybra programmes found on the Energetic Intervention Screen have been specifically designed to help dissolve the containers, the boundaries that limit us, so that the seeker can become more of who they truly are, not bound by disease or conditioning simply to stand as self in the full connectedness of creation.


1. Embracing the Current Challenge(s)

We suggest that the recipient’s current challenges are entered into the “focus on” box, the program is designed to dissolve the recipients identification with the challenges, and in doing so dissolve the separation that they are feeling, it creates an acceptance within the recipient and dissolves the resistance. Repeat as necessary.

2. Connection to source

The ‘Connection to source’ can have a wonderful feeling of bliss, stillness and connectedness to all things, keep using this program until you can notice it, then try to recreate the connection without the e-Lybra.

3. Alignment to Source

Alignment to Source, you would probably think that because you connect to Source through your own spiritual practice or through the e-Lybra that by default you are aligned to it – not necessarily so, try this and see/feel your energy shift into alignment.

4. Raise Vibration

This program raises the vibration of the recipient uniquely to the highest possible for this person at this time. This can be run at any time and with practice can be used as a daily practice to self-empower the person without the need for the e-Lybra.

5. Emptiness and Bliss

This program creates a deep inward space allowing the recipient to experience self without trying to do anything. Whilst in this state of Emptiness you will become in a heightened state of Bliss – Enjoy. Again this is a self-empowerment tool that once experienced can be recreated without the e-Lybra.

6. Dissolve Identification

This program is designed to dissolve the presenting identification that the recipient has made with the ‘containers’ that confines. This is where most of the healing will take place, it is important to prepare the recipient for this journey by running the programs 1-5 before running this program 6. The fluidity and ripeness of the recipient’s energy field will soften the identification containers and allow them to dissolve more easily – repeat this sequence 1-6 often. As you become aware of the different qualities of programs 1-6 then you may miss some steps and change the order as you see fit to do so. Initially however, everyone will need all 6 steps, there is a 15 minute option for each program should you want to focus on a single issue.

These containers are made from fundamental building blocks that have grown within you, the recipient over time. It is possible therefore to experience some strange reactions as core issues may arise. Perhaps you may feel a little confused and feeling exposed, or feel that something has been lost. Ultimately the dissolving of the ‘containers’ will help free any stuckness, rigidity, attachment and falseness and open new doorways for you, the seeker to follow your path and become more authentic, without the prop of the ego identifying with its achievements.

Do get in touch with me if you are drawn to these programs and we can discuss it further. The recommendation is that they run initially with you physically connected to the e-Lybra9.

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