Healthy WaterfallShare my enthusiasm for natural health. I provide natural healing services that look towards nature and energy medicine to gently allow your body to naturally restore its own harmony and wellbeing. The body has a tremendous capacity to do this yet sometimes requires reminders how to find its way back to balance.

This is a very important thing to try, in my opinion, for yourself, your family and pets.

Inspiring natural wellness

Inspiring others to see this working in practice is my passion.

YOUR health and wellbeing matters.

Health is sometimes seen as something that the medical profession is solely responsible for. Giving up all control of your health to your doctor is not going to serve you in the longer term, and is unfair on the doctor (he/she cannot know everything about you in a few short appointments). There is a lot you can do for yourself using diet and complementary therapies that work alongside any treatment recommended by your doctor (N.B. always check with your doctor first if you are undergoing medical treatment as well).

The body is a mass of cells, each with its own life-cycle, phenomenally complicated and unique to each of us. Let me help you to restore balance and experience the benefits.

TV adverts tell us that suppressing symptoms e.g. for colds is good and allows you to get on with life. At what cost though? The body has needs and the only means to express them is to create an ache/pain or other imbalance. Suppression can drive symptoms deeper and result in greater problems later.  Many people are concerned about long term use of steroids and other drugs for this reason.

Holistic therapies can provide the body with extra resources that facilitate recovery naturally.

We are already hearing that the overuse of antibiotics is causing problems. Drugs regularly get withdrawn due to unacceptable side effects. Many people are taking a number of prescription and over the counter drugs yet nobody actually knows if that combination is safe. Sometimes these drugs remain in the body long after you have stopped taking them because the body doesn’t know what to do with them because our ancestors never encountered these substances.

There are holistic ways that detoxification can be triggered – the body can be triggered to do what needs to be done and given support. One of my clients had suffered sinusitis for over 50 years after exposure to pesticides. Here is what she said one month after starting with me:

MC, Devon “We had the best night’s sleep in months after the eLybra9® session. I have suffered from blocked sinuses for many years which used to wake me up during the night. I used Olbas oil to clear it and often woke my husband in the process. Within a month of starting the eLybra remote sessions I have been able to sleep through the night. The ePendant goes everywhere with me now!”

Without your health where would you be?

Would you like to feel more in control of your health? With my you can learn to hear the messages your body gives.

I must warn you though, once you start seeing results (espcially using something that others say is “purely placebo effect”!), it can be addictive and you’ll end up with a very different medical cabinet!

Holistic therapies gently support the whole person (mind, body and spirit) and restore balance naturally, allowing your body’s own natural healing mechanisms to settle and balance you. The effects can be long lasting too.

Unhealthy waterfall 1

Perhaps your sleep isn’t good? Or you have hormonal problems? Or are feeling stressed and anxious? Maybe your skin or digestion are poor? Have you not felt well since something happened? These are all signs that something is out of balance. If you ignore the first “whispers”, things may progress until your body “shouts” for you to take notice.

Wondering where to start? How to find the time or energy for this seems a little daunting at the moment? Let me be your “special agent” investigating how to gently restore your natural healing processes using “evidence” from you.

We can make a start at any time and develop a unique regime to fit with your situation, lifestyle and budget.

The simplest service starts with a hair sample, some basic information about you and a telephone conversation – you DO have time for this however busy you are.

There are ways to save money too.

Most people have heard of Arnica for bumps and bruises yet don’t realise that there are many things that can be used at home to support acute conditions for you, your family and pets. Save money instead of buying some over the counter drugs. A homeopathic remedy kit and instruction book is a starting point.


My network of contacts can provide specialist support in other modalities, should that seem appropriate for you (e.g. EFT, Herbs, Cranio-Sacral, Massage, Chiropractic, Bowen.and so on…). I will do my best to provide a trusted source of support appropriate to your requirements whether it is from me or one or more of these other people.


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