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Mentoring in the nine Munay-ki Rites

Foundation Rites: Healer’s Rites, Bands of Power, Harmony Rites and Seer RitesThe 9 Munay-ki Rites
Lineage Rites: Daykeeper’s, Wisdom keeper’s and Earthkeeper’s Rites
Rites of the Time to Come: Starkeeper and Creator Rites
There is  detailed information about the rites here.

Course Duration and cost

These vary according to the number of students; time and/or distance constraints and the amount of practice required.

●    One-to-one or small group tuition may be completed in two sessions – a half day on two consecutive days if you have to travel a distance to receive them. Local students might prefer to receive one or two rites a week to experience them more slowly.

Commitment has to be made to fully integrate the rites over the following weeks and months.

A bigger group of people can get a greater depth of experience through giving and receiving the rites many more times. This really allows you to start to sense the magic of them as you work with different people and the qualities alter for each. I warn you, it can be addictive!

 Course Materials

My current package consists of
●    Munay-ki DVD
●    Pi Stone
●    Course notes and CD with guided meditations to help you to integrate the rites.

Bring:  plenty of enthusiasm and an open mind. You can bring your own Pi stone.

Giving and receiving the rites does involve some physical contact – fully clothed. Most procedures can readily be adapted if you prefer. It is a comfortable and joyful experience for all involved.

JE, North Wales
“I took the First four rites with Carol with much anticipation. I felt after the initial Foundation rites that my energy had shifted and I felt  even more energised than before,I almost felt that I had re-attuned to a familiar matrix of energy which became stronger in the weeks ahead with practice and unpacking. Carol’s light- hearted approach certainly helped me with the process of attunements over the months and combined with her professional approach worked great for me. I was I felt guided to use Carol as my mentor and Munay Ki guide on earth. My Lineage rites also were a lovely transmission of energy and unblocking of stagnated areas, which allowed for perception and my own truths to develop over the next year. It was Important to heed Carol’s wise words not to take this too seriously which can be my Achilles Heal at times, but just to tread lightly with it.
The final Rites of time to come were beautiful and I felt like a strong presence of peace and love emanated from me and all of life. And as the months rolled on by I finally begin to accept myself as a luminous being who has chosen the path of light and Healing within these great rites. It has been at times a journey which has had its ups and downs but I have been given the tools to face my fears and look at life with new eyes and begin to release the old fears and worn out repetitions of passed thoughts and experiences.
So, thank you Carol for your dedication, Professional ethics, and Kindness which all combined to enable me to practice this beautiful and life changing process within the great Process of Life itself”


AP Northamptonshire
“Thank you for sharing the Rites with me I found the whole experience truly uplifting and inspirational I feel really empowered and ready to take responsibility for my future actions and ready to dream my own story.
Life changing truly life changing thank you so very much
The 9 rites were passed in a very easy yet deeply moving way I thank you for sharing these gifts and tools and empowering me for the times to come.”


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