Homeopathy and/or e-Lybra9 bio-resonance can do a lot completely safely fo you and your baby, which is great news.  From healing any wounds you have through to helping with the baby blues there are ways you can each/both be supported.

Homeopathy – mother and baby for the first year – article by Bob Leckridge MBChB FFHom for the British Homeopathic Association

New mother

There is so much going on when you have become a new mother. You perhaps need lots of support and maybe feel ‘hormonal’ and  tired, and even very worried about being responsible for this tiny new being.

These services can help with all of that.

A few homeopathic suggestions

Wound healing
Arnica is a popular choice for mothers to help heal areas of bruising. For internal bruising though, Bellis perennis
is very useful. Calendula can also help to heal grazes and lacerations, taken in tablet form rather than applied
externally, to avoid irritation.
Breastfeeding problems
• Mastitis – breasts are red, hot, swollen and tender
• Cracked nipples – if there are sharp shooting pains when the baby feeds, try Phytolacca Calendula cream can also help.


Your new baby might need some support and you will not want to put anything toxic in his/her system.

Homeopathy/bio-resonance are completely safe – you can have some drops to give him/her that only contain water and homeopathic resonances or, if you are breastfeeding you can take a remedy for your baby to receive through your breast milk.

Typical issues are colic, rashes, emotional support, sleep support.

For babies and small children an e-Pendant cannot be safely worn. It can be tucked securely in the baby’s bed or clothing and/or it can be placed on a docking station so that the resonances are broadcast into your baby’s bedroom.

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