The manifestation pendant is an exciting new tool created by WDS (the makers of my eLybra9 bio-resonance system).  Unlike the other pendants, this one has to be put away safely and brought out to be used for short focused periods of time.

Manifestation Pendant

The Manifestation pendant has been designed to clear energetic blockages that prevents an individual from achieving the art of positive manifestation in a balanced way. This pendant uses the very latest WDS Technology to release conditioning and limiting beliefs, to enable an individual to resonate at a higher vibration of consciousness that is necessary for a positive manifestation.

The Manifestation pendant is one of the growing range of WDS Bridge to Consciousness technology devices from World Development Systems. Using the device may create large changes in your life, please be careful and mindful as to what you are thinking when using it. WDS accepts no liability for the direction that your life takes after working with this powerful technology.

Preparation Instructions

Meditate or centre yourself in some way by whatever method you use to do this. Think only one thing at a time that you would like to manifest. It can be financial, to overcome a challenge or an emotional issue. As long as your intention is positive then it should help you along your path.

When you have formulated the idea of what you want to manifest write it down concisely and check it to confirm that it is completely your intention. Make sure you do not have any other sub-conscious thoughts going on or alternate background agenda. You do not have the luxury of a negative thought when using this tool. It is a good idea to keep the manifestation statements in a small book as you will need them again later.

Now hold the Manifestation pendant, read back to yourself the sentence that you have written, feel it, breath it in for 9 seconds while holding your manifestation intent in mind and now press the black button on the pendant to set your intent in motion, hold your breath for 9 seconds and breath out for 9 seconds releasing your thought and your finger on the black button. NOTE: The black button does not move, it is meant as a token gesture, rather than the mechanical action of depressing the button.

This is all you need to do, this process is now complete, the WDS “Bridge to Consciousness” will become activated for this thought.

Blockages that stop manifestation

You will find that your particular thought will begin to manifest if it is in the highest wisdom to do so. The Manifestation pendant is designed to remove blockages within your energy bio-field that would otherwise prevent you from manifesting certain things.

Most people are good at manifesting, usually manifesting the things they think about the most, which are often the things that they worry about or that they constantly think about in a negative way. This can lead to a worsening of their situation rather than fixing the problem, but hey, that just part of being human.

This device cannot be used against somebody else, it is designed to clear your blockages and energetically aligns your intent to your timeline.

It is powerful stuff and should be treated with respect, please consider the following: ‘what if it does work’ are you prepared for this experience. Are you prepared to receive your manifested intention, can you handle the emotions and potential new challenges that could arise.

At one level you might take a look at why you have not been able to manifest your intent so far! In manifesting your intent what changes are you going to face – it maybe out of your comfort zone.

This device is a tool that can help you speedily get through some of this stuff, making you stronger in the process.

Monitoring the Change

For some of you there may be an instant shift in energy, or an alignment to your intent which appears to become stronger.

Some people are more sensitive to subtle energy than others, so some of you will ‘feel’ it working, while others will have the awareness that it is working simply by being clearer, or the sense of balance being restored.

If you find it difficult to sense in these ways then be mindful of other changes that happen in your life, do things start to flow in the way that you prefer, are there new doorways opening up along the path that you want to take?

Part of the principle of manifestation is to have gratitude at all times for everything that comes your way, even sometimes when that is a challenging situation. Sometimes things need to be cleared in order for other things to move forward. You cannot receive new things if your hands are already full!

Some of the challenges you will face will be out of your comfort zone but this may be necessary as part of the path to manifest what you have asked for. Try your best to go with the flow, so surrender and move on. For some of you there may be profound changes in relationships at home or at work, so please take time to plan your manifestation statement carefully.

Please only repeat the manifestation every few days, if you have clearly made a mistake in what you have asked for then simply create a new manifestation statement and follow the above process.

What you want to avoid is sending conflicting manifestation energy threads that could conflict with one another and end up creating utter confusion. Be patient with what it is that you are trying to manifest, it can take several months or even longer, but you should be able to detect a flow in the right direction throughout the process.

Getting into the Zone

If you want to manifest something in your life you need to start getting in the energetic zone of the intent that you want to manifest. If it is a new car then start by researching the type of car that you want, buy car magazines related to it, keep up to date with the models etc. Go and test drive it, imagine how it would make you feel if you had it in your life.

If it is a new relationship that you want, then join groups or activities where you are most likely to meet the right person with the qualities that you seek, get into the manifestation zone.

If you want better finances then imagine how much money you can truthfully be comfortable with. Does a million seem a lot, does 50 million seem a lot? Each day you can practice and be comfortable with the thought of having greater amounts.

If it is a new project that you want to do then imagine it, draw it, write it down, look up information on how to do it, become immersed in it. In this way it will manifest more quickly in the real physical world. If you are not doing this then be honest, it probably is just a pipe dream.

You cannot manifest something until you can resonate at the vibration of the manifestation. This Manifestation pendant and the above guidelines will help you achieve this.

More than One Manifestation

You can use the Manifestation pendant to draw more than one energetic thread to you at a time. Just create one manifestation thought at a time, one after another as described above, the effect will run concurrently, so you could have several things going on at once. The trick is to have clarity of mind for each item as you create them.

Use it wisely. 




The manifestation pendant – short video

To purchase

email with your name and address so I can invoice you – the cost is £50 GBP for UK and Europe (Aug 19) – I’ll need to give you a price for further afield.
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