Pathways to your wellbeingLast night another baby arrived in my husband’s family – a lovely little boy.

These occasions always set me thinking because my life has not led to children of my own. Hindsight is wonderful and I could certainly write a book on my realisations as I look back at how it has unfolded…  but I’ll spare you that!

However, what I have, and am, now is the result of decisions I have made. How hard or easy it has been – how much flapping it has taken for me to fly, is down to me. This formed the topic for mulling over this morning as I got on with the household chores.

The number of decisions we make every minute of the day is amazing. Think back over  your day so far  – how many have you made? What to eat, what to wear, where to go, who to talk to, what to talk about, how to respond to others….

We tend to remember the momentous big events – jobs, homes, marriages, divorces, children, etc.  However, few remember the perhaps millions of small decisions taken to bring these events about.

We make each decision based on who we are – our unique self – and our values and belief systems and how we are feeling at that time.

Bill is someone who makes decisions and sticks with them, come what may. A long career in local government. Married to June in his twenties and still together and happy. Same house in an area they like with a good community ….. His life is pretty solid. They have a good level of savings, a much lovely family and a good pension. They feel content as they enjoy their retirement and their grandchildren.

Lucy has a rebellious streak. She flits between friends and life situations because she is always seeking new experiences. She has made a number of big leaps to a new path when the slightest bump in the ride or fleeting opportunity presented itself. “You only live once” is her motto. She has had many partners and a couple of failed marriages and children along the way. She is still looking for things to give her that buzz.

So what? you might say.

Well few of us live either Bill or Lucy’s lives. However we do make decisions every minute of the day that create our future.

Of course, events happen which we are not expecting and will change our path in life completely. For example, a sudden bereavement – what if Bill loses Mary suddenly? This will knock him sideways for sure.

The way Bill deals with his loss will result from the decisions he makes, or feels able to make. He might well bounce back and gradually spend more time with his family, finding new hobbies and so build a new life. However, if he is still living a year on in a house which has not changed, crying every day, talking about Mary all the time and not moving on then he has perhaps got stuck in his grief. He can’t find, or doesn’t want to look for, resources to bring in any hope or comfort to his life. Perhaps it is time for him to get some help to leave that cycle/loop and enter a healthier one.

These loops/cycles happen to everyone in one way or another. Similar things keep happening to us.

Louise Hay and many others who have suffered abusive childhoods will report having attracted abusive partners later in life. People who get bullied at work might change jobs and find the same thing happens again.

It happens in many ways all the time. A change inside has to happen in order for us to break out of the loop and step into a different life path.

The change can happen at an energetic level. The shamen I have worked with (very ancient healing technique) talk of Cekes – energy lines/affinities. These are present between each of us and everything we are ever involved with in our lives. It is possible to alter or remove these Cekes. This then adjusts how we perceive the world and so ripples out into changing the nature of the decisions made.

Bill is so fixated on his life staying as it had been – he can’t imagine it without Mary. To move forward the Cekes rooting him to the spot need to go and new resources found  to gently draw him forward to engage in life again.

Lucy has been surprised how incredibly angry she is with her ex-husband, Paul. So angry it prays on her mind much of the day and she talks about it all the time. This has created a very big Ceke of unpleasant energy flowing between the Lucy and Paul which is certainly harming Lucy and probably both of them. If she could forgive him then the Ceke would probably dissolve all on its own. If she is not prepared to, there are a number of therapies which can lighten the load and get her out of that cycle. Her physical health will eventually suffer if she does nothing.

These issues burden us so we stop functioning in a normal flowing way. Working at the energetic level can lift the burden so you can fly. You might need to flap your wings a bit to help the process at first perhaps.

My fascination is to work with these blocks/burdens using bioenergetic means (Bio-resonance / Homeopathy / Andean Shamanic Energy Medicine).

These can also reduce the amount of wing flapping required in order to fly – so that improvements are gently installed until the recipient is strong and has perhaps even completely forgotten the old patterns.

Enjoy your decisions today and I wish you to a bright and vibrant future as a result


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