Homeopathy is a wonderful safe and economical way to provide support for day to day acute ailments Homeopathyfor yourself, your family, animals and even your plants. I use it instead of many of the over the counter medicines I used to use.

Remedy Kit

If you can find a 42 remedy homeopathic kit then that is excellent*. These contain 42 of the remedies in small bottles in a small padded plastic case that is very portable and will provide support for most common ailments.42 remedy kit - Ainsworths

The Ainsworths Essential Kit remedies all in 30c potencies
  1. Aconite 30c
  2. Allium cepa 30c
  3. Antim tart 30c
  4. Apis mel 30c
  5. Argent nit 30c
  6. Arnica 30c
  7. Arsen alb 30c
  8. Belladonna 30c
  9. Bryonia 30c
  10. Calc carb 30c
  11. Calendula 30c
  12. Cantharis 30c
  13. Carbo veg 30c
  14. Chamomilla 30c
  1. China 30c
  2. Cocculus 30c
  3. Drosera 30c
  4. Euphrasia 30c
  5. Ferrum phos 30c
  6. Gelsemium 30c
  7. Hepar sulph 30c
  8. Hypericum 30c
  9. Ignatia 30c
  10. Ipecac 30c
  11. Kali bich 30c
  12. Lachesis 30c
  13. Ledum 30c
  14. Lycopodium 30c
  1. Mag phos 30c
  2. Merc sol 30c
  3. Mixed pollens 30c
  4. Nat mur 30c
  5. Nux vom 30c
  6. Passiflora Co 30c
  7. Phosphorus 30c
  8. Pulsatilla
  9. Rhus tox 30c
  10. Ruta 30c
  11. Sepia 30c
  12. Silica 30c
  13. Staphisagria 30c
  14. Sulphur 30c

Helios Pharmacy also sell remedy kits


Alternatively, you can always purchase remedies one at a time as you find you need them.

BookMiranda Castro book

Purchase a good book to help you to start to get the hang of it as well – Miranda Castro’s “The Complete Homeopathy Handbook” is the one I recommend usually. 


 This post on homeopathy for animals gives a few ideas what each remedy can be used for – courtesy of Chris Day (vet and homeopath).

Give me a call if you’d like to know more.


(*Unfortunately, changes in legislation to restrict which homeopathic remedies can have claims of effectiveness made about them have resulted in the removal of the kits from sale by homeopathic pharmacies in the UK. These remedies have been in use for 200 years so it is irritating that clinical proof along the lines of that used for pharmaceutical products is required for these remedies that, on the other hand, are poo pooed as having nothing in them. How can a product that “contains nothing” and many believe is purely placebo effect also be dangerous? )


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