Geoff Johnson MA VetMB MRCVS RSHom VetMFHom PCH – Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeon – talks about homeopathy with animals, antibiotics and homeopathy beyond the placebo effect.   (brief 2 minute interview)


Another source of information about farm homeopathy is HAWL (Homeopathy at Wellie Level).

Here is some brief information about the course for farmers from the website. Please consult the website for up to date information.

HAWL – Homeopathy Course for Farmers

The Homeopathy at Wellie Level (HAWL) Course has been developed specifically for those who tend livestock by the School of Agricultural Homeopathy, and is taught by homeopathic vets, teachers and qualified homeopaths – all with farm experience.  This is the ONLY course in the UK to provide qualified teaching aimed at empowering farmers and smallholders to use homeopathy for their animals with both confidence and understanding. To date, we have taught over 500 people and have literally hundreds of positive feedback comments and course testimonials gathered over the years. If you’re wondering whether this course is for you, you might want to see what our farmers say.

HAWL is funded largely by donations, relies heavily on the generosity of supporters and volunteers, and makes no profit. We subsidise our courses in order to make them affordable to all; many of our farmers and smallholders run their farms single-handedly or just with family support. Our aim is to educate, inform and support those who seek to reduce the burden of antibiotics, chemical wormers, and other drugs in the food chain and on the environment.

If you care about our mission and feel you can help in ANY way, we’d love to hear from you. Make our day and take a peek at our Support page.

One has to be a vet in the UK to diagnose and treat animals (or the owner of the animal). I do provide general homeopathic advice and remedies, and bioresonance sessions to support the owner’s and vet’s course of action.



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