I heard a really interesting presentation from Lisa, the inventor of the “solesee” today.

She has worked with Podiatrists for many years, fitting shoes for people with problem feet in the UK and Australia.

Over this time she has recognised that there is a serious problem for people, such as diabetics, who have lost their sense of feeling in their feet. It is a little talked about yet can end up being life threatening.

Firstly, if you can’t feel your feet you don’t know if you’ve trodden e.g. on a drawing pin or if your shoe has rubbed or you are walking unevenly and causing problems for your feet. Any of these can cause a wound on the foot.

A related problem is that healing is slow. With no sense of pain, keeping weight off the problem area is also challenging. A wound that hasn’t healed for a long period of time can become infected and if that isn’t addressed can lead to such severe problems that amputation could be the only final solution. Not a pleasant prospect.

Detection of foot problems at an early stage is therefore crucial. Therefore, people with “high risk” feet are strongly advised to inspect them every day. Now that is fine if you are a fit and healthy youngster. If you have health problems such as a bad back or knees (or even a big tummy) or general lack of flexibility, how exactly do you look at the bottom of your feet then?  Not easy!

Fortunately, Lisa has worked with a team of people to invent a solution to this. The “solesee“.

This is a discreet, portable and easy to use mirror for people with high risk feet conditions.

It makes inspection of the underneath of the foot daily quick and simple so that any potential skin damage can be spotted and medical help quickly sought if problems are spotted.

Take a look at the Solesee website to find out more


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