I love the simple things that make a big difference and Mudras are something I discovered in 2013 at a Robin Murphy seminar.

Definition: “Mudra” is a Sanskrit word whose English translation is “seal.” In Taoist practice, the term most commonly refers to specific movements and/or shapes created by the hands and fingers. As such, mudras can be thought of as a kind of “finger yoga” or “finger qigong.”

Mudra’s have been used in the East for thousands of years, particularly in the Buddhism. They’ve been used as a spiritual practice and still are, as the way on the path to enlightenment.

The mudra that can help Headaches and Migraines is called “Mahasirs Mudra”.  Pronunciation: Ma-Ha-Sirs. It can also be practiced for sinus issues, to balance your energy, congestion.

Hold the mudra position with your fingers for a few minutes.

Step by Step Instructions (see Corona’s  video below as well):

  • Bring the thumb, the first finger and the second finger to touch each other.
  • The ring finger is at the base of the thumb and the baby finger/pinkie finger is extended.
  • Let your hands rest palms up on your thighs or by your sides if you are lying down.
  • Do this for both hands. Hold it for a few minutes and start to notice any positive changes in your body.
  • Focus on breathing deep into your belly, feeling it rise and fall with your inhale and exhale to help you

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