The Geo-Balancing Pendant is a powerful healing tool which naturally balances the human Bio-field and strengthens it against the effects of different types of electro magnetic pollution. It does so by harmonising imbalances within the bio-field of the person.e-Pendant

Changing energies requires an “active” system which constantly monitors the bio-field for challenges. Any challenge is then harmonized with as much or as little correction as is needed. This can be compared somewhat to the noise cancellation technology found within the latest cars or the high quality audio headphones that one can buy these days. The principle is that the incoming “noise” is measured and matched with the corrective pattern at exactly the right level and sent back to harmonise the imbalance.

The Geo-Balancing Pendant will start working as soon as it is held or worn by the person. It will, over a period of a few days, attempt to harmonise imbalances found in the bio-field. Some imbalances will be fixed permanently – never to appear again – whereas others that change regularly will be monitored, checked and a corrective pattern offered to the bio-field.

Reports show that approximately 1 in every 100 buildings suffer from the effects of Geopathic Interference causing subtle energy damage to the human bio-field. Different pathological symptoms and imbalances may then occur. The Geo-Balancing Pendant can restore balance to some of these areas and strengthen the body’s energetic systems to help with these challenges, allowing the user to recover their energy so that the healing system of the body can actually spend time doing what it is supposed to do rather than constantly fighting the environmental conditions. As the body restores its self-healing energy it therefore becomes increasingly more resilient to electromagnetic pollution.

The Problems of Geopathic Stress and Ley Lines

The Australian aborigines and other ancient populations believe that the earth produced ley lines – or lines of energy emanating from the earth, and for 11 centuries the Chinese have employed Feng Shui experts who divine energies from the earth and offer advice about where a house should be built.

Recent scientific evidence demonstrates that these ancient cultures were on to something. Seismologists have discovered that the earth does indeed emit electromagnetic rays, and that there is certainly a scientific explanation for the presence of the lines followed by ancient peoples: P and S rays, for instance, which run in straight lines, have been found to correspond to ley lines.

WDS have been researching imbalances in the human body for nearly 20 years and have discovered a direct connection between ill health and adverse geopathic interference, and have applied their Technology to the health problems of this nature. Victor Sims, the Chief Designer and Managing Director of WDS says “Geopathic stress is a vast problem throughout the world: cancer houses and sick office syndrome could all have their roots in adverse Geopathic interference.”

To date, we have identified about 300 imbalances that can occur within buildings and land which are covered by this Geo-Balancing Pendant.

Contact me to order one – they are £50 including UK P&P @ December 2018

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