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“Look at me I was once chained to a desk and now I am earning megabucks and am free!” is the gist of so many online advertisements to lure us in to wanting a freedom lifestyle. “You can do the same, just pay for my superb value online goodies etc. and you’ll be free too!”

It is a very compelling sales pitch and might well be true for that person. However, it is important that each of us makes life changes at a speed, and to an extent, that is right for us.

Many of us reach a stage in life when we can feel we are getting stressed and feeling unwell through jumping through the same old hoops for others and there may seem to be no way out. The freedom to live a life doing things that impassion, enliven and inspire us is really important. Living to our own rhythm and flow is so appealing to many of us too.

In the “real world” though, how many of us can just ditch the job, the relationship, and the other stressors in our lives and move on to start again? Is it even a wise thing to do?

Well I would argue it is unwise. If we try and run away from circumstances there is a danger that we just recreate the same situation again with different people.

There is a way to get freedom though. It takes a bold person because it involves a lot of looking within and getting to know ourselves, our beliefs and our darker side that we’d prefer to ignore.

The results of doing this can be truly life changing and deliver us freedom in a different way. When we change, those around us change in their reactions to us. When we get out of our own way and let go of those resentments, forgive ourselves and others and flow with life more the opportunities come to us. We then have space to be ourselves and to make the most of life on our own terms.

This is something I do help people with these days, since I took a big leap and changed my life.


My leap into the “freedom lifestyle”

It is true, I do work in a very flexible way these days. Work and my other priorities fit together like a big jigsaw, and it works well on the whole.

I could have put a picture of myself in Peru or sailing in the mediterranean, or up Sugarloaf mountain in Brazil. However, the picture at the top of this post says a lot more about my freedom these days – Taken in 2012, Chris (my husband) and I were marshalling on a classic car rally in torrential rain and gales on the coast of Wales summer … experiencing life for sure! A life that was very different from how things were in 2004.

Reflecting on how I got where I am now

The final tipping point to my long corporate career was in the summer of 2004. Yet another big Information Technology project I had been working on got “canned”. Anything without an immediate payback (to lift share prices) was stopped.

“My” project (I was a Domain Architect in the strategy team) was to replace several “legacy” computer systems with one shiny new one. It was something I felt passionate about because I spent my life telling business people “you can’t do that” because one of the systems couldn’t do what they wanted. The long-term strategic solution was the project I had put my heart and soul into but it was not to be.

The job was taking a lot out of me. The hours were long, and I had a 3-4 hour (120 mile) commute four days a week, with one day working from home (the role had moved from the local job I’d taken on over the years).

I had been single for six years (since splitting up with my alcoholic ex). I was paying someone to walk my two German Shepherd Dogs, someone else to clean the house and someone else to do my gardening. It was as though they were living my life and I was my job.

With just myself and the two dogs to consider I started to wonder why on earth I was putting myself through that.

Time to go

To test my resolve, my team was offered voluntary redundancy soon after. Half of the strategy team had to go. This was just what I wanted… wasn’t it?

It was a big sign that it was time to make “me” the centre of my life. I did want a future I believed in, to make a genuine difference rather than waste my time on more ‘canned’ projects. It was very scary and I had no idea what I was going to do but I knew I had to move on and trust that a new path would appear.

A group of friends and I went away to Spain on a personal development break just as the news whether my application to go was being released. I felt such a sense of relief and also fear when I heard I could go.

After finishing the hand over of my work, I was on ‘garden leave’ from the October (2004), officially leaving on 31st December. This gave me time to get to know myself. Who was I now? It was lovely to walk the dogs in the winter sunshine along local footpaths, some of which I had never found in the previous ten years of living there. I could feel myself starting to put roots down at home for the very first time.

I set the intention to start work again in March and an ex-colleague offered me some contract work in February, so that worked nicely. It had flexible hours that gave me freedom and a good income. Perfect!


A new direction

In April, on a weekend away with friends, someone recommended I read Alberto Villoldo PhD’s ‘Shaman Healer Sage’ book. I was hooked! I booked to go to Peru with his Four Winds school and it completely changed my life.

I was a different person when I came home. We had done lots of ceremonies and they had presumably changed my energy field massively.

In July I joined Alberto’s “Healing the Light Body” course to find out more. Suddenly I was working with spirit, channelling information and ‘seeing’ into the invisible worlds, together with plenty of personal development. The training was well structured and brought this ancient modality into the modern world in a way my scientific brain could accept.


In the autumn, I started to train as a homeopath too (I had used homeopathy for many years). Doing these courses alongside my IT work was great.


All change!

In 2008 the IT work stopped (would you believe that big project also got put on hold and eventually ‘canned’!?)

I had met my future husband on a pot-luck sailing holiday (group of strangers on a yacht) in Croatia, which is a whole other story!

I switched from doing lots of training in therapies and stepped into running my own business as an holistic therapist.

My passion to make a difference now being devoted to improving people and animal’s lives, inspiring them to use natural therapies.

Growing and adapting to this new vocation was a massive change.

Self-employment does give a “freedom lifestyle” of sorts.  It also takes a lot of focus, determination and self-motivation. The bits I wasn’t good at still have to be done, and I had to learn to bounce back from the challenges that came my way quickly and move on.

If it is something you love doing, it is worth it. I still feel very excited and privileged to work with each client.

I have since added in e-Lybra9 bio-energetics to what I do and that is the centre of my practice. Matching my skills and the tools I have to hand to my clients’ requirements takes all my abilities, in the same way that IT did It is so rewarding when I hear how improvements manifest over time uniquely for each person. It feels as though a little miracle has happened each time!


Does your life need more freedom in it?

If you feel your life has gone flat and is becoming a chore, get in touch. I have the skills, experience and integrity to support you to build a great new future at a pace that suits you.

I have seen shamanic clients change job/home/relationship in a short period of time and I also help others to cope when they are boxed into a situation that is stressful. There is no judgement on my part, we each have a unique path in life and must make our own decisions. My role is to support that process.

The e-Lybra9 bio-energetics support I provide has been helping my clients through all sorts of sticky life situations for many years now as well. That is one of the big things I get feedback on – that unexpected situations have been coped with far better and that the person feels content and likes him/herself far more than ever before!

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