For animals

Animals benefit just as much as we do from holistic care.

My focus is on supporting you as a pet owner caring for your animal/s. I am not a vet and therefore I do not diagnose or treat animals.

A pet often becomes a family member so it is important to give him/her support to get back into balance and live a full and happy life.

Animal communication

I trained with Catherine O’Driscoll to be an animal communicator, primarily for dogs, and also to use EFT remotely to support animals. A lot of the skills gained from my extensive Andean Shamanic training are drawn on for this work too.

I can communicate using a photograph. Send this and some basic information (date of birth and any particular questions you have) by email or post, with payment, and I can provide you with a transcript of the communication session.

For dogs Diet I can also test to find out what foods suit your dog best at this point in time, using a list I have. I can do this for other animals if you provide me with the questions you wish to have answered.

“I had a wonderful animal communication from Carol
She picked up on the very different characteristics of my 2 dogs .There were some lovely messages for me to take on board from the dogs and helped me a lot to understand there needs She even picked up on my pregnancy and how one of the dogs felt about that . I would highly recommend a session with Carol to understand your pet more.” Larissa Gray, Solihull

And this from another pet owner

“I met Carol Fieldhouse at a networking meeting. She does not know anything about me or my dog, but she somehow managed to produce a startlingly accurate ‘communication’ from Kiki – all from a photo sent by e-mail.

It has been very reassuring to feel that Kiki has let us know what works and doesn’t work for her; and we have made one or two small changes based on the narrative. Carol really did capture Kiki’s personality and came up with some evidence that would have been very hard to guess, so we are convinced that she has a rare and special gift.” Jacqui Summerfield, Warwickshire

Blog post on animal communication

Hair analysis and balancing

The e-Lybra9 bio-resonance system can provide supportive resonances for animals of all sorts. For larger animals an e-pendant works well. Smaller ones can have drops or homeopthic pills instead.

A small bio-sample (hair, fur, feathers, nail clippings etc.) and some basic information about the animal are all that is required for the session to be able to run.

CF, Derbyshire “I have known Carol for several years and know of her work with homeopathy and bio-resonance so when our elderly border collie started to have difficulties I had no doubts about asking for her help.
Callum is 13 and very fit but he has always been highly strung and he started to behave very strangely. He was very unsettled during the night and would scratch and scratch until we let him out. Even when we let him sleep in our room, he seemed as though he just couldn’t settle and would pace around and scratch at open doors. He seemed distressed although we couldn’t work out why. Carol took a hair sample and ran a first session on him. She sent me some drops and pills to give him and he began to improve straight away. Within a week, he was happier and more settled; he also seemed more outgoing and playful. He had a bit of a relapse about a month later but recovered immediately with another session.
I would recommend Carol unreservedly based on the difference it has made to Callum and would certainly go back to her if any other problems emerge.”


Homeopathy is great for animals. Using a few remedies you can support many acute conditions once you have had some guidance. There are also some great homeopathic vets around too who will help you take the regime to the next level.

Geoff Johnson, a homeopathic vet, talks about how he initially started with homeopathy and why he loves it so much.

I am happy to provide general homeopathic advice and remedies to pet owners.


Essences can be fantastic for animals too – you have probably heard of Bach Essence Rescue Remedy which is good to calm the animal down prior to competition or any other stresses.

Alaskan Essence ‘Animal Care’ is primarily intended for use in animal rescue work, although it can be given to any animal in need.
I use a variety of essences for my clients.


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