What do I need to do?

Contact me so that we can discuss your requirements in general terms. Then:

  • Complete a (brief or full) questionnaire, (according to the amount of information you wish to provide). I can email/post these.
  • Decide to purchase an e-PendantTM (You can have drops instead but I feel they are less effective.)
  • Provide a small biosample (hair sample for humans, fur/feathers for other creatures) in a clean, sealed, plastic bag. I can post a bag and questionnaire out to you if required.
  • Provide payment (I can invoice you so you can pay online)

Remote/Distance session:ePendant

Most of my clients choose remote sessions because

  • They are equally effective as a clinic session
  • No travel required
  • Can be timed to suit you – overnight when you are asleep is popular!

I usually also perform remote sessions for clinic clients to extend the range of the work that can be done.

What happens in a remote session?

  • You send me the form, hair sample in a clean sealed plastic bag and payment.
  • We make an appointment to speak on the phone/Skype about your requirements.After that has happened I run the session and post the e-Pendant to you.

At clinic:

What can I expect during a clinic session?

You can expect to sit in relaxed surroundings and to be connected via wrist straps (and/or ankle straps) to the e-Lybra®9 system.

I will run a series of scans using the computer to access the imbalances in the physical body. It is common for clients to experience a slight tingling in the body, this is perfectly normal and not harmful.

I may perform further sessions remotely (after the clinic session) to target specific areas or review progress.

Do I have to undress at clinic?

No it is not necessary to undress but you will be asked to remove your wristwatch or bracelets. You may be asked to remove shoes if ankle straps are being used.


AM, Gloucestershire, a few months into remote e-Lybra9 sessions

“When I started with Carol I was struggling with Chronic Fatigue, finding it hard to do much and was feeling very low.  Life is now very different and I am regularly traveling to London for workshops and courses, which had been impossible before (just the thought of walking down the platform at Paddington was too much). I am excited about life for the first time in years and have things booked in my diary for months ahead.  I feel like I have a future now with lots to look forward to. When I was feeling rubbish I could never commit to anything.  Friends have recently said what a transformation they have seen in me in the past 6 months.”

What will I feel like after a session?

You can expect to feel more relaxed after your session and it is suggested that you take time to rest and integrate the session rather than return to work or start rushing around immediately afterwards. You may also experience an improved sense of mental clarity, vitality and optimal wellness

Sometimes improvements are noticed immediately (especially if there is an acute problem such as a headache) other times changes happen more gradually as time progresses.

Testimonial from MH, Sweden

“Carol has this special skill that few people has. The client feel attended to and helped just by meeting her. She knows how to proceed, she listens and use her skills from many different areas to help her client and the problem she/he present.

She has common sense, intuition and knowledge that work together in harmony. I highly recommend her a a colleague and friend.”

What happens next?

The resonances are also provided in the e-PendantTM or, if you don’t want that (e.g. if it is for young children) then drops or homeopathic pills can be provided.

I do provide some support during normal office hours in between sessions – anything that takes me less than 15 minutes is free.

When the time is right for a follow-up we repeat the process. This can be one to three months after the first session.

A rough guide is to have a course of six sessions over 6 to 12 months but each person’s requirements are, of course, unique.

Do I need to do anything else in advance?

Usually no. However, depending upon your requirements, you may be asked to refrain from certain things for up to 24 hours beforehand.

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Reg. Office: 1 Sycamore Close, Sibford Gower, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX15 5SB

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