This is the service at the centre of my practice. Often people will follow up a shamanic energy session with this and the two together really do help to send you forward through whatever life transition it is that you want to make.

What is the e-Lybra®9?

The e-Lybra®9 is sophisticated (and expensive!) bio-energetics equipment.  This uses bio-resonance analysis and balancing to find imbalances in the bio-field and, at the exact same time as it finds imbalances, it produces bio-resonance patterns that harmonise the imbalances to trigger your own natural healing processes into action.

The e-Lybra® 9 scans you using over three hundred thousand resonances to create a tremendously comprehensive re-balancing regime. Its aim is to sort things out from the roots up rather than a patch of sticking plaster at the top, or suppressing symptoms as a lot of drugs do.

The equipment was designed to work remotely as effectively as in clinic for many of the functions so there is no need to visit, unless you want to.
Download my eLybra overview (produced by one of my clients for me) here:

What is involved for a bio-resonance session with Carol?

Usually these days I recommend a 3/4 hour initial consultation just to check what you want to work on and, out of that, I will recommend a plan of action. There is an additional charge to set up and run the session and to send you an e-Pendant or you can take the plunge and book the lot in one go.


When we proceed with an e-Lybra9 bio-resonance session:

1. You provide

  • a bio-sample – usually a small hair sample (or nail clippings and fur/feathers for animals) in a clean, sealed, plastic bag. I can post a bag and questionnaire out to you if required.
  • a completed brief or full questionnaire – includes your date of birth and address for the session and other important admin. information for me.
  • a digital portrait (optional)

2. We speak (by phone, Skype, Zoom or in person) so I can get to know a bit about you and your life history in order to tune the session appropriately for you.

Usually there is no need to come to see me at clinic It is, of course nice to meet each other in person occasionally but does incur slightly more expense.

At clinic, we can run some short sessions of various types during the hour so you can see what the equipment does and then I run a lengthy remote session afterwards.

3. I always run long remote session from my home office.  I couldn’t possibly sit you down for four or more hours to patiently wait for it to finish so I set the e-Lybra9 to do that later. This way it can really get deep re-balancing under way while you get on  with your life.

4. I send you a quick email with summary information about the session (we can have a quick chat if further clarification is required).

5. You monitor changes you notice and keep me informed. This allows us to guage when further sessions are required.

What imbalances are covered?

The range of imbalances is vast. It has over 400,000 resonances in the system including the complete physical, psychological, emotional, neurological, hormonal, and subtle energy systems. It also includes poisons and toxic substances of many types, bacteria, viruses and parasites.

There are also Dr Hulda Clarke protocols, Neurotech rebalancing and an ever growing range of “Energetic Intervention” programmes that are used for many different personal development topics that we all wrestle with in our lives.


Who can use it?

It is suitable for everyone from babies through all ages (and animals) and can be considered an important addition to any other health programme.

Young children and small animals will either need the e-Pendant placed securely in bedding or clothes or we can look at using a docking station, or providing drops or homeopathic pills instead (the latter two are more work and less effective in my experience). See further information on the e-Pendant and other options here.

Will it hurt or feel strange?

No, the vast majority of people find it very gentle and supportive. It works at a very broad level (gently balancing lots of tiny factors to gradually get you back into balance as a whole).

If you have any concerns then you can just take the pendant off and see if that makes a difference.

There are many different ways that I can structure the session so we always work with your individual responses to further tune each session so please let me know what is going on and I will make adjustments (often free of charge).



Do I have to buy the machine too or install software or something?

No! I’ve got all that. Your part of this is to let me know the changes you notice and get on with your life. It is really easy for you.

Is it terribly expensive?

I do my best to keep the costs down by charging session time as eight hours for initial sessions even if I need to do more. The equipment is very expensive to purchase so I do charge for that time in addition to my own time and costs. If occasional extra ad-hoc sessions are required I will often slot those in without charge.

The pricing structure is described further in my terms and conditions and I’m gradually adding in online booking options as well (via my contact page).

Will people think I am weird and “out there” if I try this?

Probably. For the majority of the population it is.

If you want to go on a mission to intellectually explain this to your friends and family you will end up very frustrated because many people enjoy making fun of such things without any interest in learning (unless they are already into holistic therapies)! It is better to wait until they see the changes in you and ask you what you’ve been doing!

I definitely do not encourage dishonesty. However, my focus in our work together is your return to balance. Keeping yourself on an even keel and stress-free is very important. People go on a lot about the placebo effect (as if it is all that there is for things such as homeopathy) and I’m all for getting that working for us as well as the energetic balancing that is happening. Why wouldn’t we? Any conflict within you about your choice of therapy (whatever it is) will drain energy away from healing.

Holistic therapists can often be the secret helper, for all these reasons, working in the background for clients who have family members for whom this would be the subject of ridicule (or worse).

Interestingly, a pendant may be given to another family member to wear without him/her directly having to get involved with the consultations, if you or someone else is able to represent him/her and tell me what is going on. The equipment speaks directly to the bio-field of the recipient, keeping that recipient in overall control unconsciously. It works for the good of that individual (so don’t expect me/it to re-programme your nearest and dearest – that just isn’t going to happen!)

It took me years to believe this stuff works so I know it can be a leap of faith. Even after purchasing the equipment (and having worked remotely in my shamanic work) it took around eighteen months before I truly believed the remote “stuff” worked. Then I sat with it for a while before deciding whether to promote it or not.

For me, the fact it works remotely was a big factor in its purchase. Knowing I may be able to support you then and there (subject to me and the equipment being available) if you get an acute ailment of some sort, or a sudden event in life that requires support, and not telling you I could do that was just out of the question.

Marketing a pendant return to base for every re-charge would certainly have been easier for people to understand but it felt dishonest to me because it is unnecessary 🙂

Now I get a rye smile of delight when I think how completely bonkers it can seem to those who (like me) are from a scientific or technical background and start seeing results from this.

Changes do happen though in a very gentle and supportive way, nudging each individual back into balance and on  to his/her path in life.

How long will it take to work & how often will I need treatment?

This is tricky to answer. For most people (in generally good states of health and wellbeing) results can start to appear immediately, followed up with a session every couple of months to work on deeper things.

Where there is increased complexity then we need to persevere for much longer to even expect to see much change. I will do my best to set your expectations accurately but this is so individual to each person that we need to see how you respond to it.

Generally the more hours I can run sessions for, the faster results will be seen. I come up with a plan for each individual so if you have something major going on that you require a lot of support for we can do some intensive work initially and then spread the sessions further apart as soon as possible.

Some people have had weekly sessions over a long period of time, others just have had two or three over a year.

If you have a serious health condition you are often also strapped for cash. I do provide free work for a limited number of people but that does have a waiting list I’m afraid. I need to pay my bills too!

How will I know if it’s working?

Ideally you take stock and create a baseline of how you are before we start. Then you/we can monitor changes so I can tune the sessions to you as an individual.

You can expect to feel more relaxed after your session and it is suggested that you take time to rest and integrate the session rather than return to work or start rushing around immediately afterwards. You may also experience an improved sense of mental clarity, vitality and optimal wellness

Sometimes improvements are noticed immediately (especially if there is an acute problem such as a headache) other times changes happen more gradually as time progresses.

If I stop coming to you, will I get sick again?

Generally, since this is holistic work that I do, the results will last. We are putting you back into balance and that balance stays (until something wobbles you off-balance again anyway!).

If you are in a situation that is constantly putting you under stress for one reason or another then, until that is sorted out, you probably would benefit from continued support. Life can be stressful these days and sometimes the causes of the stress are also our loved ones or other responsibilities that we feel duty bound to keep in our lives.

Most of my longer-term clients change the session focus every time and so we work on completely different things gradually as life happens for him/her.



Here are a few of the many testimonials I have

“I still can’t believe that the same anxious, lonely person who called Carol in May 2016 , desperately seeking help and advice for her depression and panics attacks is, just after 4 months, the same one that is now writing this testimonial praising the incredible effect that the e-lybra pendant and Carol’s help and balanced advice has had in my life and in my general well being. Many positive things happened in my life in terms of mental health and personal relationships. I was able to attract positive people and situations around me and this is certainly due to a better energy field that the e-pendant has contributed to create around and inside me. The other important aspect of this kind of healing is that it works remotely and so does Carol. And this enabled me to understand that we are all connected energetically by subtle vibrations and magnetic fields and we have to believe and follow the flow of this universal stream of energy without becoming addicted to a healer or a system of thoughts. That’s the honesty of the treatment, yes you are guided if you want, but the work is yours once we understand that through our well being we can contribute to the harmony and well being of the entire universe and if we are honest with ourselves, we cannot escape from this collective duty. This is when we really heal ourselves”.
FA, London(eLybra®9 Bio-Resonance with mostly remote work)

(Hover the mouse over the testimonial to hold it on the screen)

There are more testimonials on my testimonials page

Remote/Distance sessionsePendant

Virtually every clients now has remote sessions because

  • They are more effective than a clinic session because they run for many hours
  • No travel required
  • Can be timed to suit you often if a particular event requires additional support, or you get something you’d like support with (minor ailments etc.)

I usually also perform remote sessions for clinic clients to extend the range of the work that can be done.

How remote sessions work

Victor Simms, inventor of the e-Lybra9, explains that “the e-lybra does not use radio frequencies to transmit to the client. The e-Lybra creates and energetic bridge to the person/e-pendant and through this bridge can transfer healing information. It does not matter where in the world the client is.”

Further reading Victor refers to is ‘Morphogenic Fields’ by Rupert Sheldrake for reading on the subject, or the scientific ‘NON Locality of photons experiment’.

My post about bio-resonance offers more background information about bio-resonance.

At clinic

What can I expect during a clinic session?

You can expect to sit in relaxed surroundings and to be connected via wrist straps (and/or ankle straps) to the e-Lybra®9 system.

I will run a series of scans using the computer to access the imbalances in the physical body. It is common for clients to experience a slight tingling in the body, this is perfectly normal and not harmful.

I usually also perform further sessions remotely (after the clinic session) to target specific areas or review progress.

Do I have to undress at clinic?

No it is not necessary to undress but you may be asked to remove your wristwatch or bracelets. You may be asked to remove shoes if ankle straps are being used.

Advanced personal development

If you want to try the personal development path offered by the series of Energetic Interventions, these take up to 1.5 hours. If you can come to clinic for the first of each then that is worthwhile, otherwise they can be run remotely. They are so beneficial and deep acting, designed to align each recipient’s energy field very finely to the  new waves of consciousness that are coming in. This seems to make them very deep acting and effective at shifting ‘stuff’.

I have a separate post about these.

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