What does the e-Pendant do?

ePendantThe standard  e-Pendant ™ filled with resonances specific to your requirements will “remind you” holistically about the changes required to get you back into balance.  It is charged up by my eLybra9 bio-energetics system.

(There is also an e-Pebble™  which is slightly rounder and does not have a hole in it (so is more easily lost and therefore I do not provide them as standard). They work exactly the same way.)

Where do I put it?

It needs to be within 7cm of your body so can be worn on the string provided (or any other chain/string to suit you). It can also be put in a pocket, down a bra, or securely attached to you using a clip to prevent you losing it.

What is it?

The e-Pendant™ is a bio-resonance storage device that can be programmed and charged with bio-resonance patterns during the e-Lybra® analysis and balancing sessions I do for you.

The patterns, once programmed into the e-Pendant™ , will continue to resonate and support you for a maximum of 3 months but, ideally, it should be re-charged/re-programmed after one to two months (sooner for complicated issues).

The devices are made from a specially formulated proprietary mineral compound which has an inherent subtle electromagnetic field emanating from its programmable matrix.

When used in conjunction with the e-Lybra® system, the e-Pendant™ is the most effective option when compared to the alternative of homoeopathic drops or tablets. In tests, the therapeutic value of drops and tablets on a comparable scale is about 35% whereas the therapeutic value of the e-Pendant™ and e-Pebble™ is double at 70%. The therapeutic value of the e-Pendant ™ or e-Pebble™ may be further enhanced to 100% if used overnight by placing under a pillow (it is recommended to remove cord from e-Pendant™ before doing so) or on a Docking Station™.


General Notes for Use of the e-Pendant ™ and e-Pebble™

  • The e-Pendant ™ can be used for larger animals as well as humans and should be safely and suitably attached to a blanket, collar etc. 
  • For smaller children the e-Pendant ™ can be secured in a pillow overnight and clothes during the day to avoid the child playing with it.
  • The e-Pendant ™ can be also be used for smaller domestic animals and can be placed in their blanket or bedding.
  • The e-Pendant ™  is designed to also work with a Docking Station™ (see bottom of page) which amplifies the strength of the patterns to fill an area of a medium sized room.
  • As with all personal products that may be worn or hand held – please handle with due care.
  • Every e-Pendant is individual and colours may vary slightly.
  • Clean with a soft damp cloth. Do not immerse in water.

The ePebble/ePendant can be returned for re-charging though I will usually do the re-charge remotely. All of my current clients receive remote charging of the device and, although it seems odd to start with, the results speak for themselves. If you have any doubts I am very happy for you to return the ePebble/ePendant to me for re-charging. It is very important that you are 100% comfortable with the process.

Technical information about the pendant

The main body of the e-pendant is made of a mineral compound that has a subtle energetic field that can store resonance patterns from the e-Lybra and make them available to the user when the e-pendant is worn. The shiny disc attached to the front of the e-Pendant ™ and e-Pebble™ there is a radio frequency identity tag (RFID). This electronic tag contains a unique identity number which is used to identify the e-Pendant™ or e-Pebble™ when using the e-Lybra® system. For ease of reference, this number is laser etched on the other side of the e-Pendant™ or e-Pebble™ as a visual reference.

  • Both the e-Pendant and e-Pebble become active when in the proximity of the client and work best within 75 mm (or 3 inches) of the body.
  • The e-Pendant can be worn around the neck, can be held, placed in a pocket or under the pillow at night (please remove cord before doing so).
  • The e-Pebble can be held by the client, placed in a pocket or under the pillow at night. Most people find the Pendant preferable because it can be clipped on.
  • They are both 50 mm long
  • The e-Pendant™ weighing just 15 grams and the e-Pebble™ weighing 19 grams.



Here is a photo of the three dogs I had in 2016 – e-Pendants on their collars!

Note: There is no active EMF emitted by the RFID tag. After some research WDS found that the individual id number of the tag can be used to uniquely identify it as a recipient, and the e-Lybra can then send patterns to the full device as identified by the RFID identification. An RFID tag conventionally works by resonating in a certain way when a radio frequency is applied to it, which is definitely not what we do. By sending a pattern we are actually anchoring a consciousness hologram matrix of a specific energetic formula to the device, which is then processed by the energy field of the person wearing it – nothing that conventional science can rationalise yet until one looks at the quantum model of the universe, at which point it makes sense. Einstein would get it but a “modern” mainstream inventor (e.g. James Dyson) would be unlikely to have a clue what I meant in the description above. It will gain more acceptance though as the world evolves, and then everybody will treat it as completely normal and unremarkable.

How do resonances get to the e-pendant, and me, remotely?

There’s a quantum entanglement between the e-Pendant and the e-Lybra system, through the unique ID number being assigned to the client record. Although we talk of e-Lybra programs being ‘sent’, ‘transmitted’ or ‘broadcast’ to the e-Pendant, my understanding of this is that there’s nothing actually travelling anywhere across a distance but there’s a non-local effect at the other ‘end’ of the quantum entanglement when an e-Lybra session is applied to the client record at that ‘end’ of the entanglement.
Mainstream science has demonstrated quantum entanglement. In short, whatever I ‘do’ to the client record in e-Lybra occurs simultaneously at the e-Pendant, irrespective of distance and time (as well as occurring at the client’s biofield, of course).

Docking Station™

The docking station is something that can be used in a room to amplify the resonances from an e-pendant out to all the beings in the room.

Advantages of using a Docking Station™

  • The Docking Station™ amplifies the bio-resonance patterns programmed into the e-Pendant™ or e-Pebble™ and sends them outwards into the room or space in which it is placed. This is a great solution for family living spaces or an office / work Docking stationenvironment.
  • The Docking Station™ / e-Pendant™ or e-Pebble™ combination is especially good for children and bedrooms as the Docking Station™ can be placed safely out of reach of young children. They will then receive the benefits of the bio-resonance patterns programmed into the e-Pendant™ or e-Pebble™.
  • When the e-Pendant™ or e-Pebble™ is placed onto the Docking Station™ it removes the need for them to be worn or placed under the pillow at night.

Please contact me if you would like one of these. They work with the stand-alone e-Pendants (such as the stress-balance pendant)

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