Courses and Mentoring

Inspiring people to try and delight in Natural Wellness is a key motivation for me so I look for ways to get the message out to more people.

Personal development courses for all

I am currently not scheduling any courses.

In the future there are various options available for small groups:

42 remedy kit - Ainsworths

Taught by me

  • Homeopathic first aid – based around the contents of a homeopathic remedy kit.
  • Essences for space clearing and day to day support.
  • Introduction to Shamanic Practice and the medicine wheel
  • Regular meet-ups for facilitated spiritual development in Warwickshire – covering a variety of topics – fire ceremonies, despacho ceremonies, guided meditations, dowsing … sharing of skills the participants have – being scoped out currently.
  • Specific support e.g. for families caught up with the problems caused by addiction/alcoholism
  • Munay-ki rites -I teach and mentor people in how to pass these rites on. They are a set of nine shamanic rites that are very helpful in these challenging modern times.For more information go to the Munay-Ki Rites Pages. You can purely receive the rites (not be taught to pass them on) for a lower price, covering my costs.

I have a lot of knowledge, it just needs to be pulled into a form that makes it accessible to others!

Some on line courses are being formulated for the future as well.


I provide mentoring and support to my clients so each can learn how to use e.g. homeopathic remedies and essences for themselves.

For Homeopaths

I hosted Homeopathic Continuing Professional Development from 2013 until 2017 for Kim Kalina and Dr Pawan Pareek. Although it was thoroughly enjoyable, I decided in 2017 to focus on my therapy business so am not hosting any more seminars for the foreseeable future.


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