The eLybra system and associated devices

Victor Sims, inventor of the e-Lybra speaks about the technology in part one of a series of interviews with Betsy Pool, who is based at Damanhur.

This is the ninth generation of the e-Lybra now since the first one in the late 1980s. It brings consciousness into technology.

He describes how each of us projects our biofield out from us. This is how you can sense if an atmosphere in a room is not nice, or a person is angry or depressed.

The biofield consists of subtle, physical and etheric bodies. The equipment finds energetic imbalances in those, from which ultimately pathology could develop over time. 

Negative thoughts –> energetic changes —> can develop into pathology.

The e-Lybra9 reads the bio-field that the person is projecting, analyses the subtle, etheric bodies,  physical body and emotions and provides patterns to trigger holistic balancing of the person’s bio-field. 

To put it another way, it identifies stressors in the bio-field and provides patterns to balance those.

Stand-alone devices

He describes, briefly, the stand-alone pendants for

Lymes Disease pendant

Developed over two years with input from several hundred people. Lyme’s Disease affects the whole person in many ways and requires constant energetic balancing. This pendant is pre-programmed with a formula designed to energetically balance some of the stressors created by Lyme’s Disease.

Stress balance pendant

This balances the energetic component/discord caused to the bio-field by stress.

Protection pendant

This pendant is for psychic protection. Sensitive people who pick up adverse energies when they go out should have one. It provides patterns to strengthen the bio-field and is targeted to eliminate and filter adverse energies.

Bee-healthy disk

This is a silicon disk with tourmaline and germanium in it to hold the patterns and radiate the resonances out a meter or so.

It was trialed in Sweden at a site with seventy hives. The discs were randomly placed in hives at the start of the season. At the end of the season, every hive was checked for Varroa mite. The hives with the discs had three of four varoa mites in them. The ones without had several hundred in each.

Petifi and horsifi

Devices that have been produced for horses, dogs, cats and other pets. Primarily removing stressors from the animal’s consciousness so they feel less stressed.

New device from Edutherapy

Finally, an exciting new device being launched by Edutherapy for children with learning disabilities.

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