Part 1 – The eLybra system and associated devices

Victor Sims, inventor of the e-Lybra speaks about the technology with Betsy Pool, who is based at Damanhur.

He describes, briefly, the stand-alone pendants for Lymes Disease, stress, protection etc.

Also the bee-healthy disk, petifi and horsifi devices that have been produced.

Finally, an exciting new device being launched by Edutherapy for children.

Part 2 – Victor’s helpers

The second part of the interview with Victor in which he talks further about connecting with non-physical beings as they help to guide and influence the development of technologies such as the e-Lybra.

Victor discusses the pressures people are under in these present times of great change. People are finding the truth in their hearts and are prepared to stand up and say when things don’t feel right.

He speaks of the changes he sees happening over the next few years.

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