Computers, ‘Fred’ and Enhanced Energy Flow

I take my bio-resonance work seriously and believe a lot of people could benefit from its amazing balancing powers for overall wellbeing.

You aren’t serious? You could buy a car for that amount!” was my husband’s first reaction to my purchase of my first bio-resonance box in 2009!

A few years previously, I had followed my heart to work with Andean Shamanic Energy Medicine and Homeopathy after leaving a massively different, enjoyable, career in science and technology (worlds apart one would think!).

In 2009 I got another “something-missing-feeling” that drew the ‘box’ into my life. The ‘box’ is connected to a computer (an e-Lybra®9 Bio-resonance Analysis and Balancing system no less!)… magic!

What is Bio-resonance?

Like many natural therapies, bio-resonance aims to retune the body to support and strengthen its own healing mechanisms – in a natural and painless way.

The technology detects disturbances in the energy field of humans, animals, plants and even land and buildings. The detection uses ‘wavelengths’ based on electromagnetic waves or oscillations. There are healthy, normal wavelengths and unhealthy ones that interfere with the correct functioning of the body. These are called resonances.

The resonances are known for body parts and systems (to minute sub-parts); meridians; acupuncture points; homeopathic remedies; colours; essences; toxins; viruses; bacteria;…. you name it – over 400,000 are available…

This enables a Certified Practitioner like me to orchestrate unique sessions for each client uniquely. Sophisticated and complicated routines are also available, such as the Dr Hulda Clark protocols and Neurotech, tackle specific complex issues and took years to develop.

“Great for teenagers,  bringing in light, joy and optimism for someone feeling low and mixed up, or with exam nerves.”

True bio-resonance is a “conscious interactive exchange between the consciousness of a life form and a bio-resonance modality[1]“. Yes, it involves a computer conversing with consciousness!

In my terminology, the ‘box’ connects to whatever you call that invisible part of you which knows what we require from the highest, most pure perspective (consciousness/higher power/spirit guides/angels) – let’s call it ‘Fred’ J.

What can ‘Fred’ do for you?

Note: While bio-resonance usually sits well alongside other therapies, it does not take the place of medical advice. Although medical doctors throughout the world use bio-resonance equipment daily, the ensuing reports are not a medical diagnosis.

‘Fred’ tells ‘box’ what to do, using a sort of super-fast kinesiology test … and ‘Fred’ knows! You might want to fix issue A, but ‘Fred’ says issue B needs to be balanced first.

Mary lives a long way from me so is a remote client. Mary had suffered severe sinus problems for 50 years. She put it down to living in Scotland when helicopters were spraying the forests. The ‘box’ found many pesticides and, within a month, Mary was able to sleep and breathe well.

She said “I had some allergy tests in the late 1960s that showed milk and cheese were to be avoided, which I did,” she told me. “With the use of various inhalants, I soldiered on until January 2012 when I was given an e-Pendant to wear.  After a month or so I realised I was not using an inhalant or spray so often and then not at all.  At the present moment, my nasal passages are clearer than they have been for years.”

Initially I did remote sessions for people who couldn’t visit or were too busy. Now every client gets them because I can provide longer, deeper acting sessions, at convenient times or at short notice.

More good news came from Monica, a client living in Europe.  “I met Rxxx yesterday, he just stared at me and said, ‘What have you done? You look so different, your eyes are different.’ At first, I couldn’t find anything special I have done more than that I feel fine. Afterwards, when I got home, I thought could it be Carol’s’ thing’? And from a distance! Carol, this work you do is so amazing.”

“I am so grateful because I have tried everything for my leg issue, it only helps a while. But the ‘box’ is doing its ‘thing’.”

Healing differently

As a practitioner, I can use the “box” to provide different healing modalities for people. For example, I can use it to take forward Shamanic energy medicine sessions and integrate them into the recipient’s energy field. It is possible to ask it to removing past life spells that are no longer serving you.

I routinely balance chakras, limiting beliefs and psychological interferences.

Adding client-specific resonances to the database can also add power. Things such as photos of favourite places; specific affirmations; copies of physical substances (to help with intolerances/allergies perhaps) can all be incorporated into the session.

It is delightful to see unusual things pop up in the reports as having been used for balancing. Geometrical shapes, crop circles and energetic forms around the body. Cosmic influences such as ascended masters, archangels, stars and constellations. Wisdom animals… all sorts of weird and wonderful things!

One little girl was delighted to receive her help in the form of an Ascended Master.

I welled up the first time my ‘Limiting Beliefs’ and ‘Psychological Interferences’ appeared. They can be very old or current. Balancing them can lead to increased calmness and ability to cope.

And there’s more, much more!

I haven’t space here to tell you about the sixteen or more “Energetic Interventions”. One is “Language of Light”, which downloads the energetic matrix of the Ancient Language of Light into your energetic field. Another is called “Transformation”, where our subtle anatomy becomes more unified and is connected to consciousness in a more profound way. Suffice to say that a deep energetic intervention asks ‘Fred’ to reveal the optimum place for healing. The ‘box’ keeps the connection to that and immerses you in the energy of this profound healing space. Then the results trickle through into your life.

Is Bio-resonance for you?

I think it could be. Some of the things that appear will make you smile (they do me). The ‘box’ can bring greater flow and light into our lives in a safe and natural way.

Bio-resonance in the form of the e-Lybra9 is a brilliant invention that needs to become more widely known. Given my aptitude for computers, I find it rewarding, inspiring, even if the cynic in me does think it is a little bit crazy!

The ‘box’ has extended my range of services, combining ancient and modern. I must reassure you that I take this work very seriously and my feet stay firmly on the ground as I focus on orchestrating sessions to meet clients’ priorities! I hope you feel inspired to give it a try.






[1] Victor Sims, WDS-Global Feb 2008

e-Lybra® information, recommended reading, and practitioner list is available from:World Development Systems Ltd   &


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