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Inner balance

I have been working with Carol over the last 12 months, having gone through a number of redundancies in 4 years I had compromised with a great job but over 200 miles away from home, living in an air b&b during the week and only being in my own bed 3 nights a week. Admitting to myself I had menopause symptoms & reaching the landmark age of 50 all at once just felt overwhelming , I was running on empty, with a brain fog but I knew I was capable of feeling so much better and switched on but I also knew I needed help to get there. Cue Carol & Refreshing Horizons!!!

After an initial phone call we met to further work though different area’s of my life and what the end result would look like. It is worth spending time to really think about what your body and soul needs as she always says you are only limited by your imagination.

Fast forward 12 months later . I have handed in my notice to join a company very close to home, in a senior management role, which I am loving. No more brain fog, my energy levels are through the roof, I am just a much better version of myself, i calmly handle any bumps in the road and problem solve with clarity and without drama.

Any health problem indicators are dealt with quickly and I feel very supported.

If I were to sum up the benefits of e-Lybra sessions in the past 12 months I have worked towards how I feel now ….which is serine and calm with a great sense of my own wellbeing and an inner balance that allows me to handle anything that this world throws in my direction.

JoChipping Norton, UK

Andean Shamanic Energy Medicine

“The session feels like a soul massage”

The session feels like a soul massage

“I really enjoyed my remote healing sessions with Carol. As the sessions began, I felt the energies shift. The sessions were emotional and soothing and made me feel renewed.

I did not get the black and white solution I was hoping for (to my issue) but the sessions revealed a new way of handling things that has helped me. Some of the energy medicine planted by Carol develops over time (which she informs you) and I’ve seen it function in my life. The session feels like a soul massage which I highly recommend!

Carol knows what she’s doing. The good part about her healing sessions (for me) was that I feel more self sufficient afterwards. There are no bells and whistles, there is some psychological digging that you do on your own as a result of the healing, but it works. Don’t expect a genie… Expect objective solutions, expect to dig up your problems by the roots. Then it’s up to you to habituate yourself to a new way of being that is revealed by the healing session.”

TS, London(Remote Andean Shamanic Energy Medicine)


Jessica photo on upsplash

“and the other symptoms had gone too”

The other symptoms had gone too

My 5 year old son has struggled to sleep alone in his own bed since he was a baby. He had recently started to suffer from abdominal pain, headaches and loose stools when I decided to visit Carol. A month later, he was happily sleeping in his own bed and the other symptoms had gone too.

GM, Warwickshire(Homeopathy for a child)

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