CEASE Therapy is a form of advanced Homeopathy. It is used when homeopathy finds an “obstacle to cure” i.e. when well indicated remedies do not hold for the recipient.

CEASE therapy can benefit people of all ages with all sorts of different wellbeing challenges, NOT just AutismAutism

The starting point for all my CEASE clients is a standard homeopathic consultation. CEASE Therapy is only required if an obstacle to cure is identified. Often homeopathy and some orthomolecular support can work.

We need to delicately work at the speed the body is able to cope with so I need you to commit to 6-12 months initially to make it worthwhile.

Do you already know a little about CEASE therapy? Have you visited www.cease-therapy.com? (the main worldwide website for CEASE). There is lots of great information, case studies, testimonials and parent blogs). If not, it is worth going and taking a look, this is a wonderful advanced form of homeopathy that has changed many lives for the better.

Before starting a course of CEASE therapy I strongly recommend you read Tinus’ book (Autism beyond despair) to better understand the process.  DO NOT attempt to treat your family without the assistance of a certified CEASE therapist.  It is not a simple therapy to apply and is certainly not a “protocol”- see my blog article showing the requirements for the CEASE Certification Course and its contents.

My commitment to you is that my CEASE client list is restricted to 20 at any one point in time to ensure I am giving you and/or your children all the attention you deserve.

Many of Tinus’ best results were achieved from several years of slow, gentle work. The temptation to want to rush to get to the end goal is an understandable desire but is not best for the recipient. Each body needs to change at the pace that is comfortable to them and the practitioner will assess how each client responds and adjust the regime accordingly.

Don’t rule out the possibility that quick and dramatic changes may happen but be prepared for it to take longer!

The eLybra9 bio-resonance hair analysis and balancing service I provide can be used alongside CEASE provides additional support and information to assist with the process.

Testimonial from CH: “I’ve worked with Carol for the last 2 years both as a business partner and a fellow homeopath at Superkids Homeopathy. She has always been a pleasure to work with as she has an easy going and positive attitude combined with a very professional approach to our clients and to the study of homeopathy.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Carol to anyone looking for a homeopath or for a detailed health assessment through hair testing.”


CEASE and Autism

“A very effective way to treat autism with amazing results!”  That was Dr. Smits’ conclusion after having seen over 300 cases of all levels of severity. From his experience he saw autism as an accumulation of different causes and about 70% is due to vaccines, 25% to toxic medication and other toxic substances, 5% to some diseases. With isotherapy, a form of homeopathy using the causative substances themselves in homeopathic preparation, the toxic imprints can be erased.

CEASE Therapy

Tinus’ treatment of autistic children and even adults matured through hundreds of cases and he called it CEASE Therapy. Step by step he believed all causative factors (vaccines, regular medication, environmental toxic exposures, effects of illness, etc.) could be detoxified with the homeopathically prepared (i.e. diluted and potentised) substances that caused the autism.

CEASE Therapists

CEASE therapists are qualified homeopathic practitioners who are then trained in CEASE methods during a 3-5 day course, possibly followed by advanced courses. There is an active community of CEASE therapists around the world.

CEASE is evolving all the time so we don’t practice the same way as Tinus did when he wrote the book.

After becoming certified myself, in 2011, I took the advanced course in 2013 with the wonderful Kim Kalina. Since then I have hosted her UK courses… so now I’ve attended three CEASE certification courses, advanced courses, and Inspiring Homeopathy courses myself as a result!

To find out more about Kim’s work visit her website

My mission is to get this therapy more widely known and available!

“Carol Fieldhouse is such a lovely person, caring homeopath and CEASE therapist. Her upbeat and relaxed personality and attention to detail when working with clients who may have complex concerns is well appreciated. I highly recommend her services…give her a call and talk to her about your needs. I’m sure you’ll find her to be as warm and professional as I do!” Kim Kalina, CCH, RSHom (NA)

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