The CEASE Certification Course  taught by Kim Kalina from America.

I thought that perhaps potential CEASE clients would be interested to see the extent of the course and the strict entry requirements that were applied.

This is why a lay person purchasing Tinus Smits’ book “Autism Beyond Despair” must not dive in to try and apply it without a qualified practitioner’s assistance.


Tinus Smits - Autism Beyond Despair

Tinus Smits book – Autism Beyond Despair

Hundreds of homeopaths have now successfully qualified as certified CEASE practitioners. This English-speaking CEASE Certification Course for the Homeopathic Treatment of Autism Spectrum and Other Similar Chronic Diseases is an intensive 3 day event for practitioners experienced with homeopathy for chronic care.

“CEASE is being used for far more than just autism spectrum these days – many modern chronic diseases that have obstacles to cure at their root respond beautifully with CEASE where classical homeopathy was unable to fully accomplish healing. CEASE is an excellent tool in any homeopath’s toolkit for healing the ills that arise from the toxic influences of our modern world.” Kim Kalina

Kim is a highly experienced CHC certified homeopath, certified CEASE practitioner and homeopathic teacher. She trained directly with Tinus Smits in 2005 and worked closely with him on developing CEASE Therapy and teaching Inspiring Homeopathy until his death in April 2010, at which time she agreed to continue spreading this important work around the world for him. Kim has been a Core Faculty member and Administrator of the US-based Teleosis Homeopathic school and clinic for over 13 years, is part of the Core Faculty for the CEASE Organization in the Netherlands, and brings extensive experience in both teaching and clinical case management to the CEASE community.

This course covers

  • how to individualise, evaluate the need for and accurately apply each of the core components of CEASE – Isotherapy Remedies, Orthomolecular Supplements and the ‘Saturday’ Remedies (constitutional remedies)
  • how to recognise which cases are best suited to CEASE vs Classical Homeopathy
  • the additional case-taking skills, questions and information needed in a CEASE case
  • the key ‘ Saturday’ constitutional remedies, potencies and posology indicated in autism cases, as well as other frequently indicated remedies in general CEASE cases – including specific Inspiring Homeopathy, Matridonal and Sarcode remedies.
  • the key Orthomolecular supports needed to support cellular detoxification in various types of CEASE cases, including supplements, vitamins, baths, etc.
  • how to apply and adjust the Isotherapy components of CEASE, including resources for info about drugs, vaccines etc. and extensive vaccine charts Kim has personally developed to enable practitioners to quickly identify which vaccine may need to be cleared based on unique characteristic symptoms of each
  • how to manage CEASE cases – this is perhaps the single most important aspect of the training, and Kim uses several of her own cases (not just autism cases), as well as FAQ’s from clients and practitioners, to take participants through many follow-ups, crises, etc. so that practitioners can learn how to handle the many case management issues that can arise and how to correctly interpret and manage each one
  • how to manage herxheimer reactions – don’t know what these are? This is essential info if you want to use CEASE safely and appropriately!
  • other supports and therapies that are very beneficial in CEASE cases, particularly in the management of these complex cases – specific cell salts, bowel nosodes, flower essences and additional therapies to consider that can help the healing process to unfold much more gently and easily

Eligibility/requirements for attendance/certification

  • Registrants must be qualified homeopaths who have completed their homeopathic training.
  • Registrants must attend the entire course in order to become certified in CEASE Therapy.
  • Successful completion of a short examination at the end of the course in order to become certified in CEASE Therapy.

To find out more about CEASE Therapy – go to

Kim Kalina has information on her website too, and a list of practitioners she has trained –

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