Don’t over vaccinate your pet

Over vaccinating or inappropriately vaccinating is doing a lot of damage to some of our best friends. Please so you can make an informed decision before you go down this route.

If you are wondering about the pros and cons of canine and feline vaccinations it can be very confusing.  In the past annual boosters were provided yet even the World Veterinary advice now is not to do so.what vets dont tell you about vaccines Your pet might well never need a booster – titre tests can be used to find out more.

Some kennels / catteries still insist on annual booster vaccinations due to local council regulations. This could be damaging your pet. Canine Health Concern have written to local councils on this topic to try and get the regulations altered. A few are moving to use the titre test instead – that shows immunity is present.

You could get a petsitter to come to your home instead of putting your animal in a kennel/cattery. This doesn’t necessarily cost more and you get your house looked after and plants watered too!

Catherine O’Driscoll and Canine Health Concern have pulled a LOT of information together on this topic to allow pet owners to be more informed (and it will also be of interest to anyone considering vaccinations for themselves or their family).

Do go to her website and read more.

Catherine is interviewed about these topics – see my separate post on this

Catherine’s book about this topic is “What Vets Don’t Tell You about Vaccines”

Catherine did a survey of holistic vets views on vaccinations for Dogs Naturally Magazine – it is interesting reading – Dogs Naturally article

Pet Vaccination

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association – Vaccination Guidelines

Here are a few articles:

Vaccines cause immediate and long term damage in our dogs

Veterinary Times letter regarding possible link between agression in dogs and vaccinations

Vaccine Alternatives

Chris Day, a Vet, and the Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre based in Oxfordshire have a lot of information on their website

If you are concerned about your pet’s immunity Titre tests are now available at a reasonable price – see Pet Welfare Alliance website for these and a lot more information about this

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