Can I push the reset button?

When life seems too hard, we just want to run away but you can turn things around.

Life is for living! There is greater vibrancy, joy and freedom available to each of us. Finding this can seem so difficult at times though.

You CAN find peace and deep fulfilment within, despite your busy life.

You CAN get on with your life AND improve your wellness

We sweep away imbalances that are blocking your way forward on a deep energetic level, holistically.

Your time is important. You can have support wherever you are located with a combination of phone/internet calls and emails.

Life is challenging

Human beings are very resilient creatures but sometimes our resolve to keep going can be worn down to an all time low.

Every so often, life throws us a curveball that we don’t have the energy (or perhaps the life experience) to allow us to cope. Sometimes these curveballs come in quick succession. 

It is true that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and “every cloud has a silver lining” (but that isn’t what we want to hear in our darkest hours!).

At such times we need to feel supported and receive empathy until we are strong enough to move on in a direction that is right for us.


If you’ve tried …

Self-help techniques, changing your diet (trying to be good and cut out sugar, drink less coffee and alcohol, drinking more water…), getting more sleep, positive thinking, spa treatments and what seems to be the A to Z of therapies, following advice from well-meaning friends yet you still feel like your life is spinning out of control, then what you’re about to read may change your life.

Friends and family might say “you’ll bounce back”… “you’ll get through it”… “cheer up”… “why so glum?”… “you’re being “dramatic” or “you’re such a pessimist”. None of that will help you to feel better and it may leave you stuck where you are.

All those people want, of course, is for you to get back to normal so they can stop worrying about you.

If you’ve lost your fight, your “get up and go”, then overwhelm sets in and it is easier to do very little, or nothing at all, other than the usual routine.

If the time you are going through is really dark, the route back to your happy, healthy self is probably uncharted territory. You need to tune in to your own gut feel/intuition in order to end up in the right ‘place’. The problem is that it can be hard to tune in and work out what to do, there is just too much other ‘noise’ getting in the way.

My services will gently support you to clear the mental chatter and confusion so that the fog clears and you start to take baby steps forward.

Remember, none of this is your fault, we all need support sometimes. Asking for help for is a massive first step to take, it isn’t a sign of failure. Every person, every body, responds to trauma and life challenges in a different way and, although we’d like to be perfect and self-sufficient, that just isn’t how it is. If stress and emotional injury gets bottled up it can lead to physical ailments in the longer term so it is important to get help to clear that baggage so you can move forward in a clean way.

During my darkest times, I would have loved to speak to someone detached from my day-to-day life who could listen, support me (without draining me even more) and allow me to gain clarity about my next baby steps in life. I did eventually speak to The Samaritans organisation here in the UK and that really helped.

To have had this support for myself at that time would have been phenomenal.


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Who am I and what do I do?

My name is Carol Fieldhouse, and my company is called Refreshing Horizons. I am a holistic therapist.

I am now in my sixties and have much life experience. There have been many lovely experiences and also some truly dark and difficult times (which have taught me the most, of course). I talk of some of these in my blog.

I started off with a Science degree, then worked in Information Technology (IT) for many years, ending up as strategist working to integrate computer systems (so I have a very logical mind!).

In 2004, I left my high-pressure IT role to change to something new. I wanted something that enthused me, something that made a genuine difference, was aligned with my values, gave me the lifestyle I wanted, and that I could do until I “popped my clogs”.

One thing led to another and I went to Peru and then trained as an Andean Shamanic Practitioner with Alberto Villoldo Ph.D.

In addition I formally trained as a homeopath (having used it, together with essences, in my own life for many years).

Everything changed when I added Bio-Resonance to my practice, in the form of an e-Lybra®9 system. It allowed me to marry up everything I had learned to date in one service. It changed my life too.

With these complementary and holistic therapies at my disposal, I am in a unique position to provide you with a service that others simply cannot. Also, these holistic therapies work extremely well remotely and I love that they do!

When we speak you will be listened to and not judged (and it is all confidential, of course). I’m told I have a calm and reassuring manner.

My logical brain and intuition work alongside each other to understand your situation and come up with a strategy to support you.

We will work together to achieve a better life for you.

Let me help you reboot your system

In the same way as a computer occasionally benefits from being restarted (so it can clear all the rubbish out of its memory and work properly), our body and energy field need something similar in order to have our resources freed up so we can live a happy life and heal.

Life happens to us and we can roll with the punches for many years. Then, after a while, (as we gather the ‘battle scars’ energetically, emotionally and physically) this can become harder. Sometimes we hang on to old resentments or even dreams that we wanted but never happened. This can lead us to feel drained and as though life is out to get us.

We can be coasting along fine and then “boom”, out of nowhere, another problem occurs and it really hits us hard. Whereas previously we might have breezed through and not even noticed it, we now feel completely up against the ropes. Anxieties and exhaustion might set in and we feel as though the entire world is conspiring against us.

Now we find ourselves at the bottom of a pit scratching at the walls trying to get out, something you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. 

On this page

  • The critical misconception: how you feel physically when you’re at rock-bottom isn’t “all in your head”. Telling you to calm down or move on or get over it, is actually very unhelpful.
  • The system meltdown: why it isn’t always possible to pinpoint what’s going on inside, that feeling that “something isn’t right”. You might be smiling on the outside but dying on the inside.
  • Finally get the answers you’ve been looking for. Why do you lack energy and feel exhausted all the time? Why do you feel like calling for a time out and declaring life too hard? Why are others able to handle their lives with grace (seemingly) while you’re a bumbling mess? Why is the divorce, job loss or death of a loved one so hard to come to terms with?
  • Why I recommend e-Lybra®9 bio-resonance as something to try alone, or alongside what you’re already doing, to get your wellbeing, and life, back into balance

What is bio-resonance and how does it work?

My bio-resonance service uses something called the e-Lybra®9. This is a ‘box linked to a computer’ which finds imbalances in the bio-field and, and produces bio-resonance patterns that harmonise the imbalances to trigger your own natural healing processes into action.

The e-Lybra® 9 uses over three hundred thousand resonances to create a tremendously comprehensive regime. Its aim is to sort things out from the roots up rather than a patch of sticking plaster at the top, or suppressing symptoms.

The equipment was designed to work remotely as effectively as in clinic for many of the functions so there is no need to visit, unless you want to.

Energy imbalances can lead to a whole host of health and wellness problems. Often the first signs are fatigue, sleeplessness, nerves and anxiety, allergies and skin conditions. If ignored, these ‘minor’ ailments can escalate and turn into more serious illnesses.

Bio-resonance therapy is not a medical treatment (it is a form of energy medicine) . It is non-invasive and safe (can be used during pregnancy and on children). Many of my clients have experienced  rewarding results (read below) and it doesn’t require you to do anything other than notice and report back on the changes.

When a trained technician works on your behalf, you start to rebalance on an energetic, deep level, holistically.

With the help of a special e-Pendant ™ that you keep near your body, we are able to provide energy-changing resonances to trigger your realignment back to wellness all day every day.


e-Lybra®9 Bio-Resonance – like a ‘reboot’ button for you?

Illustrative Case Study

(A sample devised from a variety of sample client’s experiences)

Jenny booked to speak with me over the Internet.

Jenny was in her forties, married with two children and ran her own online stationery business. She had experienced a very bad year, one disaster piling on top of another. “How much can one person be expected to take?” she asked me.

Jenny couldn’t remember the last time she felt fully well, happy or in control of her life.

Physically she reported lots of aches and pains, a rash and lack of energy. There were signs she was starting the peri-menopause, with changes to her periods and poor sleep. She described herself as ‘addicted to sugar’ amongst various other symptoms that just weren’t going away. In fact, things were getting worse, which is why she called me.

Life at home with her husband and children was also getting her down and she felt out of control with life as a whole and anxious about the future.

We agreed that she would have an e-Pendant ™ (with e-Lybra9 bio-resonance sessions). She was incredibly busy and just didn’t have the time or energy for anything complicated in her life (the e-Pendant is so easy!). In view of the amount of issues we were dealing with, I recommended monthly top ups initially with a view to spreading them further apart once she was feeling better.

1st Session

I set up a lengthy session for Jenny. We popped in some affirmations about her hopes and dreams for the future as well as all the “stuff” she wanted to eradicate, and patterns that seemed to keep cropping up to stop her in her tracks. The e-Lybra reports agreed she was quite out of balance and showed a good response to the session so I was confident she would soon feel the benefits.

2nd Session & consultation – 1 month on

We spoke briefly. Jenny was delighted to say she had felt better in herself very quickly. The rash she had struggled with for a while had gone (as had the regular headaches that she hadn’t mentioned to me!). She felt calmer and more in control of her life. Her home life seemed happier and she had made time to relax and go out with friends and have some fun a couple of times.

For the next session, she wanted to restore her energy levels further, she said she was “running on empty” all the time. The need for sugar had eased initially then returned. She also wanted to clear her attachment to some relationship problems with her sister from many years ago that she realised were a bit of a burden now.

3rd Session & consultation – 2 months on

Jenny had just caught a horrible cold so she wanted me to support her recovery from that. I suggested some supplements and dietary changes to support her body at this time as well. She reported after a few days that the cold had gone quickly and she now felt really good. I explained that sometimes colds and acute ailments can be seen to clear the body up in some way – the sneezing and runny nose allows us to eliminate in a more dramatic way than usual!

We agreed I should adjust the e-Pendant contents back to working on the longer-term issues.

4th Session & consultation – 3 months on

The sugar cravings had largely gone and Jenny’s energy levels were much better. She had started running again and was finding that she valued this time for herself and had got some super new ideas for her business when out running as well. Could we put some affirmations in her session to support bringing those ideas into action please?

5th Session & consultation – 4 months on

Jenny’s husband had a new job which meant the whole family had to move to a different part of the country. The children, though young, were not happy about leaving friends. Her husband was worried and stressed about it as well, with lots of self doubt relating to the new role he was taking on. I suggested the family have at least one stress-balance pendant to support them through the move.

We put a lot of resonances in Jenny’s e-Pendant to support her through this time, she was now at the centre, holding things together for the family.

Jenny asked me to start sessions for her husband as well to help him cope too, which we did.

6th Session & Consultation – 5 months on

e-Pendant top-up for Jenny and her husband. Jenny said that they were about to make the move so things were coming to a head. She was delighted to report that she was staying on a fairly even keel, through it all. She was letting the business quieten a while so she could be there for the family. Her husband was coping much better too and difficult decisions were being made more easily. The stress-balance pendant was such a success that they wanted one each now.

Could I put some resonances in to help them manifest their ideal new home, and also to help them cope with moving away from their dearly loved friends and family.

7th Session & Consultation – 6 months on

The move had happened. Although it had been emotionally draining, Jenny felt the family coped remarkably well. She put this down to the e-Pendants which she felt had allowed them to prioritise well and emotionally stay in a better place.

We dropped to sessions every two months and got back to working on Jenny’s desire to progress her business ambitions again and also to get fit and slender again…


Note from Carol: This is the sort of pattern that happens – I am there in the background supporting individuals, or the whole family, for the longer term. When everything is going smoothly the e-Pendant can be put away.

We can work on issues from many different perspectives to find out what will deliver results for you as an individual, on the basis that anything is possible!

Norman Vincent Peale. “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Life challenges, relationship breakups, bereavement, grief

I have supported many clients through bigger challenges in life (either because they were already clients and things happened, or they came to me for support at the time).

Relationship break-ups and divorce, loss of a loved one and bereavement are challenging and impact each of us differently. Loss of a job can also push many of our buttons.

It may feel as though life is collapsing around you at these times. The nights can be the worst, either lying awake filled with dread over what’s around the next corner or waking up in a sweat from a nightmare. You want to close your eyes and for it all to go away, or huddle in a corner and hide.

Sometimes we think we have hit rock bottom and things can’t get any worse… and then they do. 

All the worry, dread, fear in the pit of the stomach must not be allowed to take over your life. The cycle has to be broken. Continuing to surrender to what is unfolding in front of us just creates more turmoil . I truly believe, from my own experiences, that the Universe gives you more of what you focus on – and nobody wants more turmoil! 

Gently and slowly you can rebuild yourself and your life. There are so many strategies I know to make sure this happens. One of them is the bio-resonance, of course. When we work together though you get the benefit of all my experience so I can support you to find the way through that is right for you, at the speed that is right for you.


Settling back into life again after a traumatic experience

After traumatic life experiences we can think we are completely OK and then something happens to make us realise we aren’t.

We have been keeping up appearances with chaos inside. Going through the motions, robotically doing all the things that need to be done during the day but feeling numb.

Talking to friends and family can result in advice that feels wrong to us. Somewhere deep down we know what we need but can’t always put it in words. Often we keep our deeper thoughts to ourselves, or are afraid to even admit to them within. This makes us confused, finding it very hard to ‘see the wood for the trees’ and select a new path forward out of all the “noise”.

Talking to someone who is outside of your day to day situation can really help – supporting you to restore genuine inner peace.

Clients who went through trauma a number of years ago and are still feeling limited by it often say that they feel afraid to be happy, to get excited about anything. This perhaps is because the mind has decided that getting excited in the past led to a disaster because control was lost. To protect us, we try and cut out the highs so that the lows don’t happen. Just in case everything goes wrong again.

It may sound completely illogical and ridiculous but that is an example of what we do to protect ourselves. How many of us relate to it? It is a surprisingly common coping mechanism.

We humans like to believe we can control our lives. However, thinking that way creates a lot of stress. Peace of mind and happiness come from letting go of control and flowing with life more. Let me help you do that.


Dealing with grief

Grief is something that hits each of us differently. The medical profession can struggle to deal with it adequately. From a scientific standpoint there is no reason why your body might refuse to sleep or lose its appetite after a bereavement. You might persuade your doctor to treat your pain by numbing it with pills, prescribing sleeping pills and other things to help you cope. At some point you will probably want to get yourself back. Perhaps it is time to take action holistically.

What well-meaning friends might say

Your friends and family care about you, they are worried about you. In a misguided attempt to ‘make you’ feel better they will often start sentences with “At least you …”. I know from experience that you don’t want to hear what comes next but believe me when I say I know they are truly trying to help. It’s possible you will recover, in time, by yourself. I encourage you to try my bio-resonance service now before you have exhausted all other options. What have you got to lose?

When the world seems to be carrying on around you

When you’ve suffered a trauma you might wonder why the sun still rises and everybody else seems to have forgotten what you’re going through. Or you may wonder why life is so perfect for other people while you struggle. The truth is that everybody struggles.

Life has its ups and downs for everyone. Perhaps some people seem better equipped to bounce back from disaster but they may simply be better at hiding what’s really going on. However, this isn’t the time to be worrying about what other people are thinking, feeling or going through. It’s time for you to focus on yourself.

Who is bio-resonance right for?

Whether you are dealing with a major trauma, a recurring health problem or a general feeling of overwhelm, sadness or dullness, bio-resonance could be right for you. You can probably tick a few of these items in the list:

Bio Resonance can help with many problems

  • You have an interest in holistic therapies and have experienced them working.
  • You know the importance of a healthy home environment and diet  (whether or not you have it now, life gets in the way sometimes).
  • You are focused on the end result you want (which could be as simple as feeling content and happy).
  • You believe that wellbeing and our lives are influenced by our actions and thoughts, so clearing blockages and unhelpful patterns frees us to achieve more
  • You have tried lots of things and nothing has worked.
  • You want to be in charge of your own health and wellbeing, and/or that of your family and animals

How long does bio-resonance take?

It is not ‘one size fits all’. It depends on how much you are out of balance and how your body responds.

Each person is unique. I will use all my skills and tools to try and get you the results you require. That is my focus and I want to hear you report back good news, that is why I do this!

I ask that you commit to at least six months of bio-resonance sessions. Many of my clients have been with me for years but we work on different things over that time as the initial issues clear up.

More complex issues often show no change for a period of time, if at all (there are no guarantees) but improvements are seen in other areas.

Bear in mind:

  • The longer you have been struggling with something, the longer it might take to resolve.
  • The lower your vitality and overall health, the longer the sessions need to run and the greater the frequency.
  • Most people benefit from a session every one or two months. If you are really struggling, long weekly sessions might be required.
  • One of our aims will be to empower you, to get you back in control of your life and your well-being, and feeling happy.

Can I combine multiple therapies?

Usually you can do anything that feels beneficial to you alongside bio-resonance. A number of my clients go for physical therapies (such as massage) and I encourage the use of tapping, relaxation techniques and other self-help alongside what I do.

The e-Lybra®9 works very gently and I see it as ‘filling in the gaps’ that other therapies, and even medicines, may be leaving unaddressed, together with deeper energetic work. 

Massage Therapy and Bio ResonanceWhen we work together you might find that you develop greater awareness of patterns in your life that need to change – different ways to approach circumstances that will make life easier for you. This can be hugely beneficial.

If you are on medications, or have any concerns about your health, you must consult a medic.

Naturally, if you are feeling better and more balanced, your requirement for medications could well change. It is very important that you monitor your own wellbeing and speak to your medical advisor, as well as me.

I do need you to tell me what is going on in order to maintain progress for you.

What my clients say

After an initial chat with Carol, it was decided that a remote session with the E-Lybra 9 would be the best way to go, in dealing with the many and varied array of problems my 19yr old son was having.

He has a history of childhood leukaemia and was suffering from symptoms similar to PTSD. I discussed with him what the E-Lybra 9 could do and how this might help him and he was happy to give it a try.

That was only a month ago and the difference is remarkable!!!

He has worn the pendant every day since it arrived, and at first the changes were subtle, yet noticeable to us. After another chat with Carol she made some adjustments, and this is when it became really evident to people who have known him for years, that something had changed on a very deep level.

My kind, caring but worried son, has gone from carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, to wandering around the house whistling to himself, he has a spring in his step, a new ‘joie du vie’ and a hugely increased appetite.

I cannot recommend Carol highly enough, to find someone with her depth of knowledge, experience and expertise, combined with her truly kind and caring attitude is rare indeed. I am so very glad to have met Carol, and happy to recommend her to anyone who might benefit from her wonderful treatments.

YB, Sunderland

What my clients say

I still can’t believe that the same anxious, lonely person who called Carol in May 2016 , desperately seeking help and advice for her depression and panics attacks is, just after 4 months, the same one that is now writing this testimonial praising the incredible effect that the elybra pendant and Carol’s help and balanced advice has had in my life and in my general well being.

Many positive things happened in my life in terms of mental health and personal relationships. I was able to attract positive people and situations around me and this is certainly due to a better energy field that the e-pendant has contributed to create around and inside me.

The other important aspect of this kind of healing is that it works remotely and so does Carol. And this enabled me to understand that we are all connected energetically by subtle vibrations and magnetic fields and we have to believe and follow the flow of this universal stream of energy without becoming addicted to a healer or a system of thoughts. That’s the honesty of the treatment, yes you are guided if you want, but the work is yours once we understand that through our well being we can contribute to the harmony and well being of the entire universe and if we are honest with ourselves, we cannot escape from this collective duty. This is when we really heal ourselves”.

FA, London

JB, Spain


Register for your Bio-Resonance Therapy Package

with UK Practitioner, Carol Fieldhouse.

What is involved?

We speak on the phone/internet/in person and I run the session after I have received all the information below.

  • Your full name and address along with a phone number, skype i.d. (or we can use zoom) and your email address
  • A completed questionnaire (that I will send to you)
  • A digital portrait (if you have one)
  • a billing address and a method of payment
  • a bio-sample (usually hair) and a return mailing address to receive your e-pendant in the mail

I run a session on my e-Lybra9 bio-energetics system for you and send you something called an e-Pendant ™. This e-Pendant ™ then ‘listens’ to your energy field and dispenses resonances to balance you whenever it is within 7cm of your body. These services include consultations and follow-up sessions to check on your progress.

You will need to be available to chat for 30-60 minutes on the first consultation. You do not need to be present when the e-lybra 9 is performing your analysis – it takes several hours.

Between sessions I provide support via quick email replies and if necessary extra sessions can be scheduled with an additional fee. 

I am not able to provide a guarantee that Bio-Resonance will work for you but you have my word that I will work hard to get you the results you desire. 

As a holistic wellness practitioner, I may also recommend other therapies in addition to, or as part of, your package. I am a Registered Homeopath and a Shamanic practitioner, also using essences and other techniques in my practice.



Note – for small children and pets where it can’t go on the collar, the e-Pendant needs to be secured to bedding or inside a pillow so it is safe. See the separate page about this. If you prefer to have drops instead, please let me know.


Refreshing Horizon’s Bio-resonance and other therapies are for holistic balancing of subtle energy fields only. We do not diagnose, treat or claim to cure any medical condition or disease. If in doubt, please seek the advice of a licenced medical practitioner (or veterinary surgeon for animals).

How to get started

I have put together three different levels of support available to you as standard. It is possible to vary from these, according to your requirements over time.

1. Select the initial session type

2. These are the recommended follow-on sessions

Trading as Refreshing Horizons Limited registered in England and Wales. Reg. No. 7090368
Reg. Office: 1 Sycamore Close, Sibford Gower, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX15 5SB

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