Life has its ups and downs.

I’ve had some big challenges to deal during my life. The most recent one that stretched me was leaving my home of 22 years. We got to a stage where it had been sold for development and we had to be out by a certain date and we hadn’t found a new home. Then I still had my business to run, animals to sort out and all the usual ups and downs that life consists of.

To help with the manifestation process, and lift myself out of worry and negativity that can sneak in, I decided to try out something different.

An “as if” journal.

I go into a lot more detail in my free guide to the “as if” journal* but here is a quick summary

Purpose: To lift energy and thoughts at the end of each day.

Method: Write the journal of your day. Include everything you are grateful for and nice things that happened. For things that haven’t gone in a way you feel happy/proud/pleased about then re-write those bits using your imagination to make them truly wonderful.

I’d recommend that you keep the journal private because anyone picking it up who knows you will think you’ve lost your marbles! 🙂

Doing this can seriously change your life for the better. It is giving ‘the Universe’ and your own thought processes something to clearly work with and to aim for in your future.

If you want to, there are ways you can measure the ‘gap’ between the actual day and your “as if” day. There are ways you can flag the made up bits too, if you want to. If you have a really bad day then there are ways to tackle that too.

I go into those in my free guide that I produced*.

The important thing is to get out of the negative thoughts and kick yourself into a better frame of mind ready to manifest a great new day tomorrow!

Here is a little fun example that I’ve made up for you:

* The AS IF journal free guide is being updated – August 2019






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