Pet owners will know that animals communicate with us a lot once they know us. Perhaps your dog will look at you and then look at the door if he wants to go out, or or paw an empty water bowl that needs refilling.

One of my dogs used to tell the time very accurately. She liked a carrot treat at 8pm and would even wake from deep sleep to let us know it was time for her carrot!

Body Language

There are a number of books written about animal body language. One about dog language is Turid Rugas’ ‘On talking terms with dogs – Calming Signals’. Very useful especially if you have a dog that is misbehaving, it gives you an insight into what is going on from the dog’s perspective. I took one of my dogs to work with one of Turid’s students in the early 1990’s and he went from being really scared of other dogs (after some unfortunate incidents) back to being confident and playful in a couple of sessions.

To find out what is going on for day to day issues there are various testing techniques we can use for our animals (and people). Always get your Vet involved if you have any concerns about your animal, this is not to be used for medical conditions or to delay treatment from your vet.

The topic here is communicating to get to know your animal better.

Kinesiology (Muscle Testing)

To ask questsions about what is going on for your pet muscle testing can be a useful tool. For this, you simply ask your body, or the animal’s body if they are present, to respond in one way for ‘yes’ and in another way for ‘no’.

It takes a little practice before you feel you can trust the results. You ask your body (or the animal’s body) to respond in one way for ‘yes’ and in another way for ‘no’.

It can be used to choose between possible options. For example, you can ask yes/no questions about the animal’s happiness, living conditions, feelings, and wants.


Using a pendulum is another way of getting indications. With practice, you can even use this to get more than a yes/no answer – perhaps a percentage – to give you a comparison between various options.

I use it quite a lot in my own life to check between different options and to find missing items. It can be a lot of fun.

Talking to the animals

My shamanic skills have extended out to realising I can sometimes ‘talking’ with animals to find out his or her perspective on something (not medical conditions – for that you need to visit a vet).

When I am communicating with my client’s animals I wait until I have a connection with the animal and write everything said down. It is important that I do this without any interpretation/filtering because I usually do not know the owner or animal personally so cannot accurately interpret the information – the owner has to do that.

It has proved fascinating to me that each animals ‘talks’ differently. They use words in different ways, as we do. Perhaps one dog will say “fine” a lot and another “OK”. Some will be chatty, some more reluctant to speak.

Catherine O’Driscoll says that “Animals are good-hearted souls. They don’t judge, criticise or condemn.”  She has written a most interesting and useful personal development book for humans called “The Animal’s Agenda”.


Many of us have experiences of telepathy. You’ve probably had the experience of thinking of a friend or relative, the phone rings and it is him/her. Or you might be thinking of something when someone you’re close to says the very thing you were thinking of.

It is possible to train yourself to listen deeply to the animals, and telepathically hear what the animal is saying. Some people report that they can hear actual words. Others get pictures which they will then interpret. Others get a knowing, which they then form into words.

I get a mixture of images and feelings as well as words. For one canine client I got a strong feeling that I couldn’t swallow when I tuned in to him. When I tuned out again it went. I found out later that a couple of days before I spoke with him he’d had an operation  involving a general anaesthetic so had experienced a tube down his throat. This explained the sore throat!

“I met Carol Fieldhouse at a networking meeting. She does not know

anything about me or my dog, but she somehow managed to produce a startlingly accurate

‘communication’ from Kiki – all from a photo sent by e-mail.

It has been very reassuring to feel that Kiki has let us know what works and doesn’t work for her; and we have made one or two small changes based on the narrative. Carol really did capture Kiki’s personality and came up with some evidence that would have been very hard to guess, so we are convinced that she has a rare and special gift.” JS, Warwickshire



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