This Alaskan Essence was produced at the time of the full moon so incorporates the effect of it and also provides an insight into the full moon.

Full Moon Reflection


In the deep dark­ness of my inner being I find
my true power.

I honor my rela­tion­ships with hon­esty and
com­pas­sionate awareness.

Emergence, Honesty, Light, Relationships

Back­ground Infor­ma­tion—This essence was made on a cold clear winter night, in a canyon over­looking Kachemak Bay in south­cen­tral Alaska. A bowl of water was posi­tioned on the snow so that it would receive the direct light of the full moon, and also the moon­light reflecting off the water of the bay and from the white, snow-filled canyon.

Healing Qual­i­ties—The full moon is a time of cosmic align­ment when the light of the sun is reflected off the fully revealed face of the moon onto the Earth. This light shining in the dark­ness affects us all, and not always in subtle ways.

The light con­tained within this essence pen­e­trates deep into our shadow selves to illu­mi­nate that which lies unre­solved beneath the sur­face of our con­scious­ness. As we open our­selves to this light, we have the oppor­tu­nity to let go of many of the sub­con­scious pat­terns that are affecting us and others in ways beyond our cur­rent understanding.

It is a common ten­dency to project these sub­con­scious pat­terns onto others rather than claiming them as our own. A typ­ical example is when we feel a cer­tain uncom­fort­able emo­tion and then blame another person for making us feel that way. We then expect that indi­vidual to change their behaviour so we can feel more com­fort­able. In rela­tion­ships, this incli­na­tion can take on a much higher level of complexity.

Rela­tion­ships create an ongoing series of oppor­tu­ni­ties for uncov­ering old issues and habits of behaviour that need to be brought to the sur­face, acknowl­edged, and released. We are often unable to see the impact of these pat­terns on our­selves, but when they are uncon­sciously pro­jected into the shared dynamic of a rela­tion­ship, their impact becomes obvious. How we deal with this impact will deter­mine, to a large degree, the health of the rela­tion­ship. If a closer and more har­mo­nious part­ner­ship is to be achieved, we must be willing to shine the light of truth on these pro­jec­tions so that we can take respon­si­bility for them and deal with the issues they rep­re­sent in an honest manner.

The Full Moon Reflec­tion essence is very sup­portive of this process but it will be most effec­tive when both people take it at the same time. When used in this con­text, it can help increase the degree of hon­esty and dis­clo­sure in the rela­tion­ship by bringing aware­ness to unre­solved issues which are being mutu­ally sup­pressed and pro­jected, so they can be resolved with rec­i­p­rocal accep­tance, under­standing, and compassion

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