Sol­stice Sun


I bless the old day set­ting, I honour the new day rising.

I open my eyes to the Love of the Sun; in my heart
we become one.

Depression, Energy, Father, Flow, Gardening, Integration, Light, Masculine, Opening

Back­ground Infor­ma­tion—This essence was pre­pared during the “night” and early morning hours of June 21 and 22, as the mid­night sun danced along the peaks of the Brooks Range in the northern inte­rior of Alaska.

The area where this essence was pre­pared lies thirty-five miles north of the Arctic Circle, where there is con­stant day­light from April to late August. On the summer sol­stice, the longest day of the year, the sun barely dips below the tips of the moun­tain peaks, never fully dis­ap­pearing from sight.

This essence was pre­pared by placing a bowl of water on the bank of the Koyukuk River in full view of the sun as it com­pleted its decent from the north­-west and began to rise again towards the north­-east, an event lasting approx­i­mately four hours.

Healing Qual­i­ties—The essence of Sol­stice Sun con­tains the energy of the set­ting and rising sun–an embod­i­ment of the com­ple­tion of the old and the begin­ning of a new cycle of light.

Sol­stice Sun is a very trans­for­ma­tional essence and can have a pow­erful effect on our ability to access and move energy through our phys­ical bodies. It is often indi­cated for those who suffer from light depri­va­tion, which is also known as Sea­sonal Affect­ed­ness Disorder.

This essence works by opening our hearts and the energy path­ways in our bodies so that we can receive more light and make more effi­cient use of the energy con­tained within it.

This expan­sion in our ability to wel­come light and energy into our bodies is also useful when we need to pre­pare our­selves for a peak experience–a kind of expe­ri­ence that we have never had before, or one that chal­lenges us to expand the cur­rent para­me­ters of our identity.

Sol­stice Sun is also an essence for inte­gra­tion. When it is taken during a peak or life changing expe­ri­ence, it will work on an ele­mental level to expand a person’s energy system so that they can con­tain the full­ness of the event as it unfolds. In this way, they are able to inte­grate the var­ious aspects of the expe­ri­ence while they are still within the ener­getic or envi­ron­mental matrix that is cre­ating it.

Information originally created by Alaskan Essences

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