Why the new moon?

The new moon is the time energetically when ancient cultures believe it is most powerful to draw new things into our lives. It symbolises new beginings.

Many gardeners still believe it is the best time to plant seeds. At the new moon, the lunar gravity pulls water up, and causes the seeds to swell and burst. This factor, coupled with the increasing moonlight is believed to create balanced root and leaf growth. (The first quarter is the best time for planting above ground bearing annual crops that produce their seeds outside the fruit.)

Abundance Cheques

Abundance cheques are something you can write within 24 hours of the new moon (when the energy of the new moon is at its strongest) to draw abundance into your life.  

Be open to all kinds of abundance appearing. This abundance is not just money necessarily, simple things like a surprise gift of some sort, an unexpected discount, someone inviting you out for a coffee and many other things might turn up out of the blue.

Look out for them so you notice what comes to you and express gratitude for everything you receive. This gratitude tells the Universe what you like and will encourage more to come to you.

Give it a try – write a cheque on the next new moon.

Good luck! 

Let me know what happens


How to write the abundance cheque

Print off an abundance cheque from the internet or use a blank cheque of your own:

  1. Pay to: enter your own name
  2. Amount: Enter “paid in full”
  3. Leave the date blank (some put in the date by which the abundance should arrive here)
  4. Signature field: Enter “The law of abundance” and “Thank you” under the signature

Put the cheque away in a drawer.

Some people burn the previous cheques when they write the next one.

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