At the end of 2004, aged 45, I was just about to take voluntary redundancy. Where did that time go? Reflecting on the changes in my working life …

In 2004, the Information Technology role (Domain Architect for Supply Chain and Head Office Systems for Vodafone UK) wasn’t giving me the buzz it had done. I loved the people and the role but was covering old ground too much. Qualifying for the maximum redundancy package if I volunteered to go, it was time to move on.

Life was of balance. It was time to stop being a job role, find myself again and then put my life into balance with “me” firmly at the centre of it. There was a need to do something for a living that I could continue until I “dropped off my perch”, I love learning!

It was just me and my two German Shepherd Dogs. My ex- and I had separated amicably in 1999 (he had been smitten by alcoholism for years). One of the dogs, Holly, was only a year old and I was away a lot. My life had become crazy – I lived in a beautiful Warwickshire village, was paying people to walk the dogs lunchtime; to do the housework; to do the garden and I was driving a 120 mile round trip to work in Newbury! I loved my job but wasn’t living my own life.

February 2005 I was offered a contract role (again a long drive away but with flexible hours) that lasted nearly four years. I worked for a more local company for a while afterwards.

In April 2005 I read “Shaman, Healer, Sage” by Alberto Villoldo and loved it so much that I went to Peru with The Four Winds (Alberto’s school) and visited lots of sacred sites. It changed me in a way I can’t explain and I had to train with them in Andean Shamanism. This did freak out my logical mind at times. It is so expansive, creative deep acting that I really love it. Over several years I worked with a variety of awesome teachers in this tradition from Peru and around the world.

In September 2005 I was drawn to also train part time as a homeopath, having used homeopathy for years. After a year in the midlands I changed to the wonderful Lakeland college, attending their Ambleside campus. The homeopathy was a big confusion for me because I never really knew why I was training in it but whenever the thought of stopping occurred I bumped into homeopaths so realised continuing was important!

It felt as though I was on a learning treadmill for a while.

2008 things changed again. Chad, the older GSD, died in March, aged 15. In June I was guided to book a ‘pot luck’ sailing holiday to Croatia… and met Chris, now my husband!

In 2011 I invested a sizable sum in an e-Lybra9 bio-resonance system. This looks like a scientific box connected to a computer yet is mind blowing. My skills from the shamanic and homeopathic training, IT career, and so much more are used to tune it to do some really incredibly powerful healing.

My passion is to “inspire natural wellness” practicing as a therapist myself,  and also hosting other people’s work (thermography clinics and training courses run by others). The difference holistic therapies can make is humbling at times, undoing the damage we do (or life does) to ourselves in natural ways.

I remember a shaman in Peru saying just before we left in 2005 that they had “planted the seeds” and now it is our “responsibility to grow and nurture them”. I have certainly been driven to do that.

There is always lots to learn and do, yet the magic and slightly off-the-wall nature of this work is truly rewarding for me.

I’ve gone from being one of the few woman in a masculine profession to a predominantly feminine profession. From a very logical “left-brain” profession to one that uses empathy, intuition and things that are frequently good sport for comedians because they sound so bonkers. Yet I see results!

My clients are all delightful, some local and others are from elsewhere in the UK and Europe. This means I can work from home a lot and am with my animals (Holly is a mature lady now and has been joined by Kiwi, an ex-gundog, and some cats arrived last year) and, last but not least, Chris my (now retired) husband.

… what will the next ten years bring I wonder.


Carol Fieldhouse

Registered Homeopath, Andean Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner…. and I achieved Charter Member of the British Computer Society!

Trading as Refreshing Horizons Limited registered in England and Wales. Reg. No. 7090368
Reg. Office: 1 Sycamore Close, Sibford Gower, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX15 5SB

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