Do you feel overwhelmed? Lacking energy?

Is your health failing?

Are you trying to make life changes yet failing?


Sometimes life can be tough

You don’t have to battle on alone – let me support you

Challenging times in our lives do allow us to grow and flourish in the longer-term however they aren’t pleasant! A bit of support from someone can make all the difference.

Sometimes we start to feel a bit lost or “stuck” in some way, not coping emotionally and/or physically.

Covid-19 has turned some of  our worlds upside down as well, either bringing out strong emotions to deal with or putting life on hold in some way.

Please don’t wait until things are worse before taking action. You can feel in control again and find things to look forward to in your life.

I love to find gentle ways to get you back up and running. There is undoubtedly a place for medications, yet the long-term use of them can be problematic.

Our bodies have an amazing power to heal – Once the right trigger/key to get ourselves back into balance is found, amazing things can happen.

Perhaps you don’t know where to start? There is a flood of advice available to us these days and this can be overwhelming. 

I have many years of experience dealing with some major issues (in my own life, and supporting others professionally). This has given me a real passion to pass on my experience to save others from taking as long as I did to find the road to a happier, healthier, life.

Get in touch with me and we can get started on creating a magnificent new future for you. 

Having a skilled supporter, who is away from your day to day life, can help enormously. Let me use my life experience and tools to speed up your return to balance.

Contact me and we can come up with a plan to allow you to turn things around.

How life flows…

Is life flowing past you and leaving you feeling out of sorts?

Alone and isolated?

Is there so much noise and confusion that you can’t see the way forward?

Our lives are the sum total of the choices we have made” – Dr Wayne Dyer

If everything is great then keep up the good work!

If things are not great then it is time to take action.

What do you want for the future?

It might be simply “to feel better” or perhaps there are some big ambitions to transition into a different life altogether. (If your future feels really dark and inaccessible then you must take action.)

How things are now and where you would like to end up are factored in to my work. Using the tools and techniques I have to hand, I work (usually remotely) to sweep away blockages at as many levels as possible, lifting and supporting you through to the other side of your transition.

It is like an invisible invitation to your energy field, showing it some baby steps to return to balance.

We can have some fun and a chuckle along the way. Of course, I take my work seriously but I am also aware how bizare some of the modalities can seem and I delight in the amazement when things drop into place.

My goal is to give you new (refreshed) horizons so you feel truly happy and fired-up to get out of bed each day and enjoy life.

I am here to support you using my experience, skills and passion for Natural Wellness.

Trading as Refreshing Horizons Limited registered in England and Wales. Reg. No. 7090368
Reg. Office: 1 Sycamore Close, Sibford Gower, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX15 5SB

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