Thermal Imaging Clinics

Medical Thermal Imaging clinics are hosted by me (Refreshing Horizons Ltd) quarterly (Click here for the dates)

“Cat Scan” ! 🙂

  •  At Shipston Therapy Centre, Shipston on Stour, Warwickshire  CV36 4AG
  • At a private house in Olton, Solihull, West Midlands B92 8BQ (near Olton Station) -not running at the moment.

If you are interested in combining Thermography with my Holistic services then we can have a chat about that when you visit, and even arrange a consultation (at Shipston Therapy Centre only I’m afraid) on the day of your screening.

It is a great opportunity to use the Thermographic screening as a baseline against which to measure the success of the course of action you undertake with me. We can take the recommendations from Rosa and her team and add them into the regime so that you have me to help you implement those as well as provide my services.

What is Thermography?

Thermography is a medically recognised, non invasive, accurate screening method used for detecting disease at an early stage & to visualise pain in the body. While x- rays, CT scans, ultrasound and MRI scans are all tests of that anatomy that measure structures of your body, thermography is unique in its ability to measure your physiological changes to your metabolic processes.

  • 100% safe
  • No harmful radiation
  • Painless with no contact
  • Medically recognised
  • Full medical report from a dedicated team of Medical Doctors who are also Registered Thermologists.

Screening Packages Available:

  •     Breast screening
  •     One area screening
  •     Half body screening either upper or lower
  •     Full body screening
  •     Dental screening

Suitable for:

  •     Men and women of all ages
  •     Children
  •     People who want to avoid radiation
  •     People who want to detect early stage disease such as strokes, heart disease, diabetes, cancer etc
  •     People who are in pain
  •     People with injuries who wish to monitor their rehabilitation
  •     People who want to monitor their health over time


Here is a 13 minute video by Dr Dorothy Merritt about the ways Thermography can assist in diagnosing a broad variety of conditions

100% Safe Breast Screening

  • No Radiation
  • Non invasive
  • No compression of breasts
  • Medically recognised
  • Ideal for women of all ages, even with breast implants. For men too!

Thermography is a medically recognised, non-invasive, accurate method of breast screening . Every woman has a unique thermal breast pattern that should not change over time. Any changes to this pattern may indicate the early signs of disease. Thermography detects these subtle physiological changes that occur within breast pathology, whether it is cancer, fibrocystic diesase, an infection or vascular disease. It is the only scan that can detect inflammatory breast cancer. Thermography can pick up early active breast disease at a stage where it is impossible for other screening programmes to detect

The Promise Film

Click on the picture or link above to view a preview of this excellent documentary film about the current mammography programme. It is well worth watching. You can also pay to watch the film online, or order a DVD, via this link.


100% Safe Body Screening

A full body scan can be a great starting point. It is naturally the most expensive option but gives you a baseline. Thereafter you can just have areas you are concerned about scanned, or the whole body if you want to check progress.

Indications for a thermographic evaluation:

  • Altered Ambulatory Kinetics
  • Altered Biokinetics
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Brachial Plexus Injury
  • Biomechanical Impropriety
  • Breast Disease
  • Bursitis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Causalgia
  • Compartment Syndromes
  • Cord Pain / Injury
  • Deep Vascular Disease
  • Disc Disease
  • Disc Syndromes
  • Dystrophy
  • External Carotid Insufficiency
  • Facet Syndromes
  • Grafts
  • Hysteria
  • Headache Evaluation
  • Herniated Disc
  • Herniated Nucleus Pulposis
  • Hyperaesthesia
  • Hyperextension Injury
  • Inflammatory Disease
  • Internal Carotid Insufficiency
  • Infectious Diseases (Shingles, Leprosy)
  • Lumbosacral Plexus Injury
  • Ligament Tear
  • Lower Motor Neuron Disease
  • Lupus
  • Median Nerve Neuropathy
  • Morton’s Neuroma
  • Myofascial Irritation
  • Muscle Tear
  • Musculoligamentous Spasm
  • Nerve Entrapment
  • Nerve Impingement
  • Nerve Pressure
  • Nerve Root Irritation
  • Nerve Stretch Injury
  • Nerve Trauma
  • Neuropathy
  • Neurovascular Compression
  • Neuralgia
  • Neuritis
  • Neuropraxia
  • Neoplasia (melanoma, squamous cell, basal)
  • Nutritional Disease (Alcoholism, Diabetes)
  • Peripheral Nerve Injury
  • Peripheral Axon Disease
  • Raynaud’s
  • Referred Pain Syndrome
  • Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
  • Ruptured Disc
  • Somatization Disorders
  • Soft Tissue Injury
  • Sprain / Strain
  • Stroke Screening
  • Synovitis
  • Sensory Loss
  • Sensory Nerve Abnormality
  • Somatic Abnormality
  • Superficial Vascular Disease
  • Skin Abnormalities
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Temporal Arteritis
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Trigger Points
  • TMJ Dysfunction
  • Tendonitis
  • Ullnar Nerve Entrapment
  • Whiplash

Contact me to find out more or visit – tell them reference CF16 please so they know you found them through me.


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