Inspiring Homeopathy

If you fancy a bit of ‘me’ time then this might be for you. Two and a half days in a wonderful retreat centre (Fawcett Mill Fields, Cubria Autumn 2017) experiencing a ‘medicine-wheel’ type of experience using a special set of homeopathic remedies. Highly recommended.

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An immersion in universal layers for personal development

Spend time with Kim Kalina, CCH, RSHom (NA), a very experienced American Homeopath and CEASE practitioner as she shares her passion for Inspiring Homeopathic remedies with a small group of people.

Inspiring Homeopathy is an elegant and dynamic new way of using homeopathy, allowing you to engage in a process that is more than elimination of symptoms, but an opportunity for conscious self-realization & spiritual growth. It is a valuable experience for individuals and healers of any type, whether a doctor, nurse, therapist or holistic practitioner, bringing balance and inspiration to our lives and work.

For CEASE Practitioners it is an essential component of CEASE Therapy, and it was Tinus Smits’ vision that all CEASE Practitioners would complete Inspiring Homeopathy training either before or after their CEASE training.

“Kim is a wealth of information for supporting the healing process with our clients. It takes an

observant eye with a good foundation in Inspiring Homeopathy to see and sense the shifts in clients and to know when and which remedy to give next, which I discovered is not something that can be learned just by reading the book – as Hahnemann

dictates, the remedies must be experienced personally; doing that in tandem with others in a natural environment is an ideal way to do just that, providing a thorough understanding of each remedy and the system as a whole through various perspectives.

I highly recommend this seminar! Anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of familiar remedies and learn useful new ones while embarking on their own personal and professional growth will benefit. Your practice and understanding of homeopathy and healing will grow and prosper as a result.” – Sheila Muldaur, 2008 IH Participant

During the Inspiring Homeopathy Initiation Group you will personally experience and learn how to use this powerful homeopathic tool for rapid and simultaneous transformation on all levels by utilizing Dr. Tinus Smits’ discovery of Universal Layers. Universal Layers are based on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of simply being Human, and by meditating as a group, in a peaceful environment next to nature, engaging deeply with each Universal Layer through its associated remedy (Lac Maternum, Vernix, Saccharum, Carc Cum Cuprum, Rhus Tox, Anacardium & Hydrogen) we will have a profound exchange, with everyone sharing their personal and/or meditative experiences with each remedy; in this way we learn much more than lecture can ever provide, and will go deeply into the many facets of the layers & remedies and learn how to use Inspiring Homeopathy effectively for ourselves and with clients.

True to Tinus’ vision we will re-create his initiation experience here in the UK so that this important work continues to thrive! We will meditate with each remedy & become deeply connected to each of the universal layers (problems with self-worth/confidence, birth and boundary issues, lack of love, experiences of shame, victimization, and disconnection with our soul), fully immersing ourselves in the experience & philosophy of Inspiring Homeopathy. You cannot help but be profoundly changed by this unique experience, and since nearly everyone will need one or all of these remedies at some point in time during their healing process (they are essential remedies to know deeply for any practicing homeopath!).

Part of the magic of Tinus’ seminars was that they were held in the middle of the lush and rural countryside of France, far from the intrusions of the modern world – we have captured a little of this magic by holding our Inspiring Homeopathy group in a retreat centre in the Cotswolds.

Pre-requisites – Anyone interested in their own personal development can attend the course and benefit from it. Many attendees will be Homeopaths and Certified CEASE practitioners, that is NOT a pre-requisite, therapists of any type can use this system without any prior knowledge of homeopathy

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