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Allergies (minor) and sensitivities

Allergy testing can be conducted either by some form of dowsing. I do use the e-Lybra a lot for allergies and sensitivities. It focuses on balancing out the underlying cause of the allergies so can offer a more comprehensive analysis and balancing service rather than just giving you a list of things to avoid forever.
It is often possible to eliminate the underlying sensitivity which might well be due to a weakened endocrine system perhaps. For example, skin sensitivities can often be traced to issues with the gut (particularly parasites), or with blood acidity – both of which may be balanced by a combination of the e-Lybra and dietary changes to reduce inflammation.
Homeopathy is often a very good way to reduce allergies and sensitivities. It can be used to reduce your sensitivity to a particular substance by providing that substance back to you in potency, and/or remedies provided to ease the symptoms. Finally, when you are not having symptoms is a good time to strengthen your system using different remedies that put you back into balance and reduce any inherited traits for you.

Anxiety and Stress

This is a very common problem. People suffering from anxieties and panic attacks do not need anything extra to worry about so the e-Pendant is ideal. It works 24 hours a day for you without the need to remember anything other than to have it within a few centimetres of your body (in your pocket or bra, around your neck or under the pillow at night). I have had good results through putting specifics about the problems that are being experienced into the pendant as well.

Sleep Problems

There are a number of different ways I have successfully helped restore natural sleep patterns, using a variety of the different therapies I use. Sometimes a simple homeopathic remedy or remedy combination will work.

Digestive Problems

There can be many possible causes of digestive problems so there are many different ways they can be addressed. An imbalance in the digestive system can manifest as skin problems, immune system weakness, even brain fog and inflammatory problems such as aches and pains so it is important to get your digestion working properly.  There are various ways I can support you for this.

Headaches and Migraines

For some people there is a quick and simple resolution of these using homeopathy or e-Lybra9 bio-resonance. For others, it may take a good while, especially if you have had them since childhood. Generally, there will be some improvements in energy, mood and ability to cope even if the migraines continue for a while.

What age are your clients?

Our clients range through the whole lifecycle. Holistic therapies can be a great safe and non-toxic support for a massive range of things e.g.

  • couples who have some infertility problems. It can be used to support many things such as the reproductive systems, emotional support, detoxification…
  • babies and young children respond really well. Common problems such as sleep difficulties, digestive upsets, allergies and intolerances and even temper tantrums can be supported…
  • teenagers – help to focus the mind for studies, hormonal problems, sleep problems, emotional upsets…
  • women – menstruation, menopause, emotional support, pregnancy, anxiety…
  • men – emotional support, confidence issues, stress, sleep problems …
  • older age – support for physical ailments such as arthritis, aches and pains, sleep problems, digestive upsets, headaches and migraines …

What is…

An e-Pendant?

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